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Mar 032016

The Evilest of Gnomes
With Gnomes added, I’ve decided to try my hand at the new iconic Deep Gnome. I don’t have a real wizard, and my wizard life on Babingo is quite distant, so I figured; why not? However, I am currently on a caster life with Babingo, so I also didn’t want a pure caster. What to do…

I decided to roll up Babspell as a Deep Gnome battle-wizard. Pure wizard, using Int to Damage from the Harper tree, and with great criticals on a pickaxe using a combination of Improved Critical and the Gnome enhancement. There are no named light picks (YET!) so the best crit profile I can probably get is 18-20 X4, which isn’t bad at all (but DOES give me a great idea for a swashbuckling gnome! Maybe next life….)

Originally I wanted to go TWF, so I rolled up the character. However, I realized that my high Dex wasn’t doing much for me, and that I could really benefit from an orb in my offhand. Besides, my stat bonus (Int) will be so high that adding it twice is just too good to pass up.

So I rerolled as a SWF gnome, maxing out Int and putting the rest in Con. Ended up with a 6/8/18/20/10/6 spread (str/dex/con/int/wis/cha) which is acceptable.

DDOGamer accidentally presents: A week of Gnome character builds

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Thanks, DDO Devs!

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Feb 252016

Hey everyone! It’s been ages since I’ve posted here, mostly since it’s been ages since I’ve played DDO. I do have some stories to share, but that will have to wait.

For now — I just want to thank the DDO Devs!

I was working on getting my builds up to date, since it’s been about six months since I last played DDO. I was updating my cleric to a melee sword-and-board build and decided to reincarnate him into a sword-fighting Follower of the Sovereign Host. Of course, having taken such a long break, I got confused and ended up taking Silver Flame (I thought the badass inquisitor guys would use swords! Sue me!)

Since my cleric was pretty high level, I was forced to take Silver Flame Exorcist, too, as I leveled up. And when I equipped my longsword, I suddenly realized my mistake! I ran over to Fred and tried to trade my feat, but with Silver Flame Exorcism, I couldn’t do it — I need to get rid of any feats that use the feat I want to trade as a prereq, but I can’t trade the Exorcism feat until I have a different Follower feat to act as a prereq. A catch 22!

So I filed a ticket and asked the devs for help, not really expecting much.

Within a day or so, I received 15 astral shards and instructions on how to seek out Fred. I filed another ticket, explaining why that fix didn’t work — and I got a lesser heart of wood within the hour.

I don’t remember the devs being this responsive, but I’ve never had much call to ask them for help. So let me just say — THANKS, DEVS!

Jan 302014


Hi guys!

So, since my last post, I’ve been fairly busy. But I did get to play a little bit of DDO! I rolled up the character I will use for this blog (sorry, no picture this time… Haven’t gotten a chance to log on lately). I’m sure you’re all curious… What will I be playing? Instead of telling you, I’ll tell a story!

Since the Enhancement Pass, I decided that all characters should only use one or two stats, maaaaaybe three (if one of them is secondary). Thanks to the various enhancements that let you get X to Y, that’s not too hard. So I rolled up an Elven Wizard on my PD guild. As his build filled out, though, I ran into a problem. At level 20, characters have 80 Action Points. My Elf was meant to be a Rogue 2/Wizard 18 with the Elven Grace enhancement and Weapon Finesse, which would allow him to use duel rapiers in battle while dumping Strength. But as it turns out, the Elven Grace line costs a total of 18 points (15 for the 4th tier, 2 for the direct prereq, and 1 more for Grace). With 18 points in said tree, 31 point to unlock Tenser’s Transformation from the Eldritch Knight tree, and 31 more points to unlock Lich Form there is absolutely no room for error. That’s a problem, since there are lots of other things I want to spend AP on: 6 AP in the Conjuration Archmage tree for free metamagic’d Web, 11 AP in the Elven Arcanum tree for 100 SP, etc. I solved that problem by deciding that my PD Wizard will eventually swap out Weapon Finesse and farm out some Dex-to-hit-and-damage weapons (Envenomed Blades for endgame, Flints for midgame, and either of the two daggers from Three Barrel Cove at level 4). If he reaches Epics, I’ll either stick with Envenomed Blades, try to get Epic versions of them (egad!) or find an Epic-level replacement. In the worst-case scenario, he can always respec his Elf tree once stuff like free Web SLAs aren’t efficient anymore.

The complications with my PD Elf build led me to decide to try something different. I loved the idea of a Wizard with good casting and the ability to wade into melee, but it seemed like TWF Elves were not the way to go. Instead, I decided to go with a Dwarf and a greataxe. I put 16 points in Strength, a similar number in Constitution, and 18 in Intelligence. My plan for this build is to stick all levelups, APs, and ED points I need to burn to unlock tiers into Int, to ensure that I can have decent DCs. There are two reasons for this Int focus: First, Strength is much, much easier to buff. Even with 16 starting Strength and no levelups, I can hit respectable numbers easily enough (+6 item, +5 tome, +4 alchemical from Tenser’s, +1 exceptional, +2 morale; that’s 34 from just stuff I can get from equipment and self-buffs). Yes, I won’t have 60 Strength like true melee-focused builds, but I should still be hitting more than reliably… 34 Strength means +12; +20 BaB; +4 Greater Heroism; +1 Haste;  +5 weapon; that’s a +42 bonus to hit. Not amazing, but I’m not aiming for Epics. -5 when I Power Attack, but I can turn PA off if I miss too much. I can also get a few extra pluses from the Dwarf tree.

But why do I want my Intelligence so high? Easy: I want to be able to land spells. Nothing like a Mass Hold Monster followed by swinging an axe. Having good Int also means I’ll have the SP and DCs to take out monsters whose AC is just too dang high to hit with an axe.

As far as classes go, I’m sticking with the same split: 2 Rogue/18 Wizard. With maxxed Int, I can fill out the trap skills, which is nice. So far as Enhancements go, I’ll be putting 31 points into Eldritch Knight, with highlights including Improved Shield, Light Armor Proficiency and Martial Training, and of course Tenser’s Transformation. Eldritch Tempest is also a possibility; it would cost me 6 AP beyond what I want to spend in this tree, but as a THF Dwarf I have the AP to spare.

I will be taking the Pale Master tree, investing 31 points into it. I will be focusing on two things: Improving my self-healing and the skeletal pet. While my Sneak Attack won’t be very big, being able to take some aggro off my back certainly won’t hurt; I need to spend 31 points somewhere, and aside from Negative Energy Conduit (3 AP), Deathless Vigor (6 AP), the base enhancements (5 AP) and Negative Energy Criticals (8 AP) there’s not much here. That’s a total of 23 AP, leaving me with 8 AP to put into the pet. There are 15 AP that can be put into the pet, overall.

With 31 minimum AP in EK and PM, I have 18 AP left over. Investing 6 in Archmage for free webs is a no-brainer, leaving me with 12 AP; I will probably end up spending 8 of those AP on the Necromancer pet and 4 on Eldritch Tempest. That should give me good melee skill, excellent survivability, and a good distraction and flanking partner. The nice thing about the Skeletal Knight is that he’s so cheap; as long as he survives for 5 minutes I can replace him for 10 SP, much cheaper than any real summon. I can also heal him very, very easily, a distinction he shares with the Mummy Lord (who will probably see tons and tons of use in the mid-to-high heroic levels).

Well, I’ve blabbed on and on (and on) long enough. Hopefully I’ll be able to post about my actual adventures soon enough!

Count Babcula

A New Beginning!

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Jan 292014



Hello world!

I’m Count Babcula, and I’ve been playing DDO since the Free to Play Beta on Lamannia. On the last day of the beta I was running around the harbor when I spotted something in the general chat, something that would change my DDO playing experience forever. It was a guild recruitment message, but not any guild recruitment message; it was a message recruiting players for a PermaDeath guild on Sarlona. I immediately loved the idea; for someone who came to DDO because of Pen and Paper, PermaDeath was just the thing to make the game more exciting.

I spent the next three years trying my best to leave the harbor. It probably took me a couple of months before I survived past 4; I remember, like it was just yesterday, the first time I hit level 5. I was a Dwarven Wizard, and I was so excited to finally cast 3rd level spells! It took me about 10 minutes to die in the fire trap in The Smuggler’s Warehouse. I had just gotten a 30 minute Tumble cast on me by the evil acrobat in the marketplace and thought I could tumble after my guild leader when he ran past the trap; sadly, tumbling is slower than running, and I burned to a crisp.

It took me a while, but eventually I broke the curse. At the time, my record was 11 (a Warforged Barbarian); but a blessing soon arrived. Artificers! I built a Warforged Artificer and dashed through the levels until I hit 12 in record time. Overconfident, perhaps, I joined a fellow guildmate in the Orchard. He was mobbed by monsters; I tried to save his soul stone instead of fleeing, but succumbed to their assault as well. Thus ended the life of the highest level character I ever had. But that night ended more than just the life of a Warforged Artificer; it also ended the curse. The next character I rolled up was a Dwarven Ranger, and — over a very long time, filled with breaks from DDO and spurts of play that saw 3 or 4 levels in a week or two — I hit Epics.

My Ranger is now 21, and closing in on 22. I’ve got a number of other PD characters, two of whom have surpassed the brink of the curse and are heading towards Epics as well. But I have realized something… I’ve gotten to know every inch of every quest below 15 and have a passing familiarity with almost all of the content. Yet I know almost nothing about the lore of the game, the plotlines that somehow seem connected but which I’ve never bothered to explore!

I have decided to change this. I am rolling up a new character who I will take for a wild, wild ride. I will start at level 1 and make my way to Epics, running every last quest and adventure area. I will take things slow, soloing if I must as I do not want to slow others down. Once I hit Epics, I just might TR and make this my first-ever general public character. I still love PermaDeath and my main focus it shall remain, but sometimes I’m the only one on, or I lose a character I worked hard on. During those times, I want some time off. This character will give me that.

I’ll be posting here with two types of posts. First, I’ll keep you guys updated about my quest for lore, and what enchanting plotlines I’ve discovered. Second, if anything particularly awesome happens in the Wonderful World of PermaDeath, I’ll let you know!

Well, I’m out of time. I’ll begin my adventure next time!

Count Babcula