Dec 172015


The 1st Doctor Knew Evil, and now so do all of us!!!

Geoff and others have commented on the temple before, long slog, mob after mobs, random traps and low drop rates.

But I said meh….I need a decent crossbow for my build and don’t want to wait for Green Steel so how bad can it really be?? I mean really how bad??  Well it is bad, as bad as that actors headpiece!!

200 mushrooms NO PROBLEM…..wait a minute 200???  And how many drop in a chest???  How many runs does that take???

Ok, eyeballs are burning, map is memorized, 200 mushrooms check……number of rare drops 3 (1 collar useless to me so give to Playddoh on Khyber now his pouch looks awesome!, 1 Cranium cracker….and traded 1 Scimitar pass that to the druid….no great crossbow…..I dont seem to have any leverage over this quest!!

Do a run with a few other people and to add insult to injury see one drop, not just anyone but a mythic one with a mythic shroom!!  My mechanic = score 0 to Temple 1 Million!!!

Oh forget it, and on to part two…..yellows shrooms drop like rain….wait a minute I need 50 of a specific node….a node that to enter the first time is random!!!

More eyeballs burning, more days slogging, maxing out monster manual section after section, chests ransacked not even vendor trash…..and finally….a repeater that is worthy….not great or awesome but at least worthy….2 levels of xp blown by and one weapon now with 2 levels less of useful life…..

And so the evil continues to haunt another poor soul…..the time machine keeps turning….the next Doctor is up and it is all new but vaguely familiar again…..what was his name…..how can I forgot….must have talked to him 75 times….started with an O……yes I remember now Ottis and I bid you good day Sir!

Nov 232015

Cruising the low levels on my Mad Bomber build.  No self healing max disable device.

So far no problems levels 1-10 works just fine most of the time with pots or the odd hire here and there.

In an effort to increase my self healing I have access to the wand and scroll mastery in two enhancement trees…..so what happens if you take both???  Do they stack???

Googlefoo to the answer and what do I find out….not much, did find some of Geoff’s old posts but nothing really concrete.

Well after some self testing taking +25% from two trees they would appear not to stack.  Using a wand of cure light wounds 20X at one +25% and 20X at 2 of 25% there doesn’t appear to be two different curves.  I would have expected a distinct shift, but no it is not there….so does it stack???  Does it not???  Would it show at +50% X2???



Oct 282015

Overall I am not the fastest at TR’ing my characters, I enjoy the process but don’t play enough to drive a fast cycle.  So the time has finally come to say goodbye to my Monk life.  Overall it was one of the most enjoyable lives I have done in DDO.

A 3 class build with Monk, Cleric and Paladin.  Monk speed and healing bursts coupled with ameliorating strike and lay on hands.  Add in some stance PRR and light damage on every hit and go to town.

No balance pass, but who needs it, the only time I had an issue with the build is when I ignored reason and tried to take on way more than I should.  It is the only life where I actually solo’d EE content (did it by accident, thought I had walked in on hard and wondered why it seemed more difficult)

Time to circle back to a past life with a new twist, the Rogue Mechanic.  Another life I enjoyed but now with a twist.


Does DDO now require self healing??  Are Pots and UMD still viable in Heroic content?  Well I think I am going to find out.

In order to maximize my bomb potential, AKA the Mad Bomber Build, I am passing on self healing via spells and dragon marks and going back to old school methods….will they still be effective????

Time to find out and have some fun Mr. Mad Bomber here we come!!

Oct 262015


Pots…Pots…Pots as far as the eye could see those were the glory days.

The days before cocoon, the days when we walked to a quest uphill both ways, the days when it was drink drink drink or hope the cleric was paying attention, when Dwarfs were tough and Drow were squishy….ah the good old days!!!!

Good old Pots, don’t discount them, keep them on hand, take a swig when needed!!!

Before there was cocoon, self healing for every class, leeches, healing spring, body feeder and CLASS BALANCE…. THERE WERE POTS!!!!  GREAT AND GLORIOUS POTS!!!  ALL POWERFUL POTS!!  Big Pots, Little Pots, Silver Flame Pots, Pots Pots Pots!!
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Sep 142015

The STONE OF CHANGE, where old becomes new, bugs are fixed, shards are combined and where you get the cool machine noise!!

Given the noise I am always surprised that Montague, the Coin Lord Patron, has not bought a pair of ear muffs yet!  It is amazing that someone of his caliber would put up with the riff-raff and all of their junk going into a blender right by the bank, than again the rent is probably cheap.


Where can you get all of this and more!!!  Right in the good old marketplace outside of the Bank of Kundarak Lordsmarch Branch.  (I think there is a big funnel under the stone that passes all the crap into the Vault of Night for them but dont tell anybody!).

What amazing things can come from a Stone of Change, the truly wonderful I tell you, just look at the lights this has to be good right.


Sure it is where else can you add force damage on every hit….or force burst on crits with just a few mushrooms and collectible dusts!

Or if you happen to have the elusive Lightning Split Soarwood (no other wood will do for this baby) you can add a +1 bonus to all saves…yes sir step right up to the Stone of Change!!

Looking for more AC??? Well with just a few Kobold Prayer Beads and Some Silver Flame propaganda it can be yours my friends!!!

Are you looking for that item that has super hardness and durability, that’s right Stone of Change!!

Have piles of Syberis and Khyber dragon shards laying about taking up piles and piles of inventory space, that’s right Stone of Change!!!

Give this great machine of DDO your broken, your ore, your dragonshards, your soul gems, your mushrooms, your funerary tokens give it all to the Stone of Change and see its wonder in action!!

(this add is not approved by DDO, crafting from shared bank storage is not supported, Known to cause clicking fatigue issues in House Kundarak, Users of the Stone of Change may be liable for future environmental clean up costs due to dumping of collectibles, the Stone of Change is not responsible for miss use or loss of certain item characteristics, Continued use of the Stone of Change may lead to hairy palms, blindness, and in extreme cases /death)