Bamz the Insane

I've been adventuring DDO for a couple years, and fell in love with some of the locations, as well as some stories people had. Now, I'm here to listen, and maybe tell a few.

Feb 132016

Dear Shinae

I’m sorry I didn’t write in a while, but I’ve been quite busy these past few days. I fought and ended the Sharn Syndicate. I wanted to do it with you, but the gang got out of hand, and I felt I had to do something ASAP. One thing led to another, and I found myself shaking hands with Coin Lord Yorrick Amanatu himself. So many other things happened as well… It would take a week to get it all down on paper, so I’ll only get the important notes and tell you the rest in person…

Let’s see, where to start… Oh! There are dragons in the city! Amanatu told me that one of them threatened to destroy the entire city if he didn’t get a certain painting back. When I was sent to this dragon, named Kear, I was surprised to find an elf, but he knew my name, where I was from, and my whole experience with him. He told me that everything happens for a reason, and that I shouldn’t run from my past and hide. It sounds like fate, but he calls it the Prophecy, and that everyone has a role in it, no matter how small, though he talked briefly. He also mentioned that not all troglodytes are as vile as him.

What also surprised me was what I found in the neighborhood that the Syndicate occupied. I met with the gang leader, Talon Darsin. Despite all that I had done to stomp out his followers… he invited me into his inner circle. He treated me as if I would stay by his side if offered a higher reward. Either that, or he was trying to stall until the right opportunity to stab me in the back. But if he was honest, then that means that he respects me, and I was not ready for that. I turned down his offer, of course, though I didn’t do it politely. I guess I’m now an official assassin.

After all that fuss was over, I was invited to a party that all the guards were having. There, I tasted luxury… and denied it. I’d rather be in a tavern chair with the Commandos rather than on a couch with a bunch of people I don’t know. And the food was not at all to my liking. I eat poultry and fish, not red meat. I vowed not to eat red meats after being fed nothing but rats for seventeen days.



P.S. Did you hear of the news from Zilargo? I have a bad feeling that all the kobolds and troglodytes beneath Stormreach are going to start something big once those adventurers get here.

Jan 302016

Dear Shinae

The mission was successful, but not easy. Spiders and scorpions were in the lower levels of the warehouse, but the kobolds weren’t as numerous as expected. There were a couple of witch doctors, but I managed to skirt around them without them noticing me. I thought they were harmless.

I’m getting slightly more used to the idea of shadows being my ally. The shock of combating intelligent creatures isn’t as severe, and I find myself pushing through without as much fear as I once had. Is this what happened to you years ago? Were you scared when you started stealing from corrupt guards? I thought you were always brave.

Never mind that. Some news just surfaced, and I am called to adventure again, with no promise of reward this time. Children have started to disappear from the streets, and the Stormreach guards have tracked them down to kobold territory in the sewers. There’s also a handful of hostage situations caused by the Sharn Syndicate. The wicked that deliberately harm the innocent need to be stopped. Or killed.

Also, the dreams have returned, but they’re different this time. I’m not hearing the screaming, but the room is darker, and the fire is brighter. I almost feel the burns again… And the chains… What does it mean? Is it fear? Is it a warning? A curse? Should I tell someone? I’m not sure… I don’t think I can tell someone about that yet. But I don’t think I have a choice.



Jan 232016

Dear Shinae

Never mind about that first note. Running and hiding? Bad idea! I swear I didn’t know kobolds were that keen on smell! One of them got the jump on me… I don’t think I can walk straight for a few days. But I made it out alive, and that’s one thing that matters. I was not as ready as I thought I was to take on that job. It took a little while to get over the shock of knowing that another intelligent being was killed by my blade, but… It’s decidedly for the better. I spared a few of those kobolds, so that’s got to be good. Right?

Anyhow, the real threat has been subdued, as well as a few others in those parts of the sewers. There were two more troglodytes working with Iss’lar down there, as well as two kobold witch doctors. Not to mention Iss’lar’s pet worg. Quick work of them all. I suppose that’s one gang disbanded. How many have you got so far?

Well, I’m sure you must have done good work as well. More than me, most likely. You already knew how to fight, so you didn’t need to waste time training. Plus, you have friends. I’m all by myself…

No. Scratch that. I’m one of the Commandos. I have strong allies, even if I haven’t adventured with one. One of the Commandos did help me out by giving me some magic items, and I had a couple nice chats with him. His name’s Duvok. He’s an assassin from the Lhazaar Principalities, and he said he can help in the future if possible. I wonder if I should inform him of our little journey in the sewers of Sharn… I should wait on that.

The next job I’m going to take is a mission for a thief instead of an assassin, so this should be easier… If I don’t get caught. Some kobolds have gathered in an abandoned warehouse, and my employer says they have valuable gems stashed away. I don’t get what the risk is about some jewelry, but whatever experience to help hone my sneaking.




Jan 162016

Dear Shinae Greenbottle

I made it! The Halfling Commandos have accepted me as a member! I’m excited to be with this guild! Everyone seems to be experienced and relaxed, with few rules. My kind of people! They also have one of those airships that we’ve seen a couple times back at Sharn. Except this one is larger, and seems designed for housing rather than travel. I wonder if it serves as a muster point before the guild goes on a quest. I’ll have to ask when I meet the leader again.

I’ve also been asking around, asking for any possible jobs, and I have found a possible exercise for my new vocation. I’ve already done a few small jobs, but nothing truly dangerous: scorpion and spider exterminator, as well as a forceful tax collector at one point. I did find something that does seem like a challenge, though. Underlord Iss’lar, a troglodyte thug who has surrounded himself with kobold thieves. Seems fitting that this is the first assassination job that I take. Don’t question the choices I make! Remember our friend the necromancer? Have you ever questioned his methods of research? Exactly.

Another thing that I should add is the fact that I might try to seek you out in the near future. Knowing you, you’re probably out fighting the major gangs of the city. I haven’t been in Stormreach for long, and I’ve already heard some pretty nasty things about this so-called Sharn Syndicate. What they do is almost as bad as what he does, but not quite. But I’m not ready, yet. I have things I still need to learn. But whatever the case, I hope I can meet you again.


Liddae Greenbottle

Jan 092016

Dear Shinae Greenbottle,

I finally made it to Stormreach, and after spending one day in it, I like it more than Sharn. With it covering more land than air, there’s less of a chance of falling “accidents”. Some of the guards are also more respectable than the ones back home. There’s also lots of opportunity to adventure here, so I’ll be making some easy money with the little skill I have. With luck, I can improve and stay by your side without being a nuisance.

The trip was rather easy. I apologize for not going on the same ship as you, but I had to. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t following, and if he was, then that you would not be at risk. I found no trace of that filth-ridden monster, fortunately. What’s more, I met an interesting adventurer while the ship stopped at an island named Korthos. He didn’t say much, but being near him was inspiring in a strange sense. I hope I can meet him again.

Anyhow, I’m already making plans on what to do in the future. I think I’ll join one of the adventurer’s guilds. I did some sneaking around and heard of one guild for halflings. Hopefully they are friendly enough to let me join. “Strength in numbers” as the kobold says. He would have a hard time finding me if I’m hiding behind the rumored “Feybuckler”…

I know you’re worried, but I’ll be fine. I’ve survived this long, haven’t I? If I can survive that I can make it anywhere. I’ve been honing my sneaking skills with a nice halfling named Jeets. If I run into trouble, I can run away from the trouble and hide. No problem.


Liddae Greenbottle

P.S. I decided to wear my hair down. I don’t want anyone seeing that nasty burn mark.