former MyDDO blogger and casual gamer.

May 162013


And so the survivors of the MyDDO Mourning arrived in the blogosphere of DDOGamer. The good king Geoff allowed them to form their own settlement, which they called … well they still called it DDOGamer. There they built up a small city and tried to rebuild their blogs. Many questions about the fall of MyDDO still remain, but at least for now they have a place to post. How long will this peace last?

I’m Back!

Sorry it took me so long to post again. I had a few distractions, in addition to the time I took to learn about my new environment. MyDDO gave me the luxury of being able to post with little attention to format. Now that I am here, I plan to take this opportunity to grow as a blogger. Who knows, maybe I will even develop actual skills?

Wilderness Only

First, the big news. I finally hit the level 20 cap on my Wilderness only! I made a post in the Achievements section under my pseudonym. I plan to write a nice detailed summary of my experiences with each wilderness I visited, but that can wait for another post. That will be a bit to much information for this post. I have been on a break with her recently, partly because I have been wanting to use the xp bonuses on some of my neglected alts and partly because of my new game below. I have a nice list of chores for her to do before she TR’s, but it feels weird to have her run a quest. Almost like I am sullying her.
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