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Sep 122013


Cunife stood in the shadows observing the fleshies. They had arrived shortly after the battle between his squad and the House Cannith squad had ended. Cunife had dealt the final blow to the last House Cannith artificer himself, but the rest of his squad had been disabled in the fight. He was now all alone. Continue reading »

Aug 132013


Outro’s foot landed in a puddle of… something, and she withdrew her it with a grunt of disgust. In front of her, Rabbit Master did not pause, but behind her Dirt House stopped walking and turned to check for pursuers. The Half Elf moved so silently, that Outro only knew because she looked.

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Jul 302013



Greenstick waited in the shadows of the passage, keeping an eye on the one they had just come through in case any Kobolds came to investigate. The Warforged could hear the soft click of the tools the Captain was using to pick the lock, so there was no need to look over to see what the Halfling was up to.  Having been through this a few times, Greenstick was able to time the rhythm of the tools. When the Captain was halfway finished, the Warforged reached deep down inside his soul to where the little ember lay. Focusing on it, it began to grow.

Otsegolation didn’t even have to give the command when she finished unlocking the door, which Greenstick was sure was fine by her. The rogue never liked being flashy, and Captain had already issued instructions. Greenstick heard the final click of the lock opening, and saw the crack of light as the Captain nudged the door open slightly. The WarforgeD issued a bellow that echoed off the walls, practically flew across the passage, and slammed into the opening. The ember from before flowed like liquid fire through his wood, stone, and, metal from, giving strength.

The fact that the now broken door swung open and hung from its hinges like a wilted flower didn’t even register. Greenstick charged towards the back of the room. Kobolds parted over the his stone legs like the water under the his feet, and arrows plinked uselessly off of his metal and stone chest. In a moment, Greenstick spotted the target. In the back of the room stood two Kobold Shamans, just starting their incantations. Raising a double bladed great axe high, Greenstick was on them in a moment.


I got my invite to the beta! It went to my spam folder, so the first time I realized I had access is when the Lama threads began appearing in my “New Posts” again. Obviously, I cant say much about it. I don’t normally like spoilers, but I couldn’t resist the urge to play with the new enhancements. August 19th is right around the corner!

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The Silence Falls

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Jul 112013


The merchant had told them earlier that afternoon. Cyre had been destroyed by some sort of a catastrophe. Literally wiped from the face of Eberron. Everything Electric had known and loved was now gone. It hardly seemed real.

The officers of the caravan were busy arguing over their next course of action, now that they could no longer return to Eston with their cargo of Iron Defenders. The caravan commander was pushing a return to House Cannith in Fairhaven. The Second Officer wanted to go to Sharn. Some others  agreed with the Quartermaster in returning to Korth. Electric didn’t like the Quartermaster. He always seemed angry, and she had glimpsed a symbol of Vol tattoo on his back once. As a former citizen of Cyre, she loathed everything Karnnathi.
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Jun 112013


The hill was steeper towards the crest, and Hypure extended her legs to keep her pace up. Behind her she could hear her squad mate, Papershield, huffing and puffing to keep up in her heavy armor. She paused as she rounded the crest, more out of caution than sympathy for the half orc.

At the top of the hill was a stone platform, which had stood there for an untold amount of time. There were ancient stone pillars surrounding the rectangular shaped structure, but what had given her pause was the clearly less ancient gargoyle statues set at regular intervals along the outer wall. Spotting one at the far end, whose chips were clearly not from weather, Hypure began walking forward again.

After crossing half the platform, the chipped gargoyle began to stand up…

I thought I would take some time and talk about the area’s my Wilderness Only, Hypure, spent so much time in. I got to see so much of theses area’s, often more than I really wanted to. If you have never been to any of them, maybe this will encourage you to take a little trip. Or not.  If you want to read a little bit about the mission of this project or see some screen shots of me finishing this life, you can see my Achievement thread. Otherwise, I present them to you in the order I visited them, some of my experiences in the wilderness.

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