Less is more

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Aug 122013

I should start all my posts with: So, long time no post…


Anyway, just wanted to share something I found wierd with a pair of items:


Striding 20% > Striding 15%

Jump +10 > Jump +5

Colorless augment slot > no augment slot

Minimum level 7 better than minimum level 9


Then, Less is more (or, to be more accurate, Lesser is more)


Jul 252013

Here is some nonsense to mess up your week.

The other day I was going through my Monster Manual in DDO and came across something…unusual.

The Damsel in Distress looks a bit…manly…don’t you think?

(I didn’t not alter it one bit, cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye)




And of course I got this song stuck in my head:


Jul 052013

Just a short post to show I’m still alive.


The picture below is showing the Spinner of Shadows helping me with my Monster Manual achievments. Thank you very much , your Spidery Evilness 🙂



Velah and Cydonie

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Jun 112013

Holy cow, this game still manages to surprise me. You vets probably new this but I was still shocked


I was trying to solo The Chronoscope on heroic elite at level the other day but ended up just exploring the raid and to my surprise I found  two sneaky dragons in there in the form of two hot elves:




That’s right, Velah and Cydonie! I never new they were in this raid. And they have this nice dialog about the Draconic Prophecy:



Well, that’s all. Have a good day and lots of DDO

Rite of passage

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May 272013

Moggy scares the bejesus out of me!


If you’ve done the quest Repossession, then you’ll probably recognize the image above. So let me explain why Moggy (I think that’s what it’s called) scares me so.


In DDO, I only have one true character (all others are bank/mules), my perma-TR Rilama, whose aim is to attain uber-completionist status (3 times of every life) (one can only dream). But I don’t speed TR. I usually take 2-4 months to complete a life, because I like to do each quest once on elite each life. Which brings me to the quest Repossession.
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