TR Blues

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Dec 082013

So, as always, long time no post.


Yesterday morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and I could not figure out why: it was a Saturday, didn’t have to wake up early, I only have one more week of work before my vacation, my wife had bought me some cherries… life was good, but something was just keeping me down.

After sulking for a while, it finally came to me: I miss TRing!

You see, a couple of weeks ago I finished my Favored Soul life, reaching level 28. I was all ready to epic TR and then heroic TR, but I wanted to run 20 Shrouds to get an Essence of Cleansing and fix some green steel items. So here I am, waiting for the time to pass, so I can cure my TR blues.

But, on the bright side, I got to do a lot a raiding in the mean time, because healers are always welcome :). I did a Titan (such a fun raid), HoX, Abbot, VoD, FoT, ToD, Chrono, ADQ, VoN, Piker’s Fate, etc. I have never raided as much as this life.

Some highlights that really made me proud this life were:

  • I was able to solo VoD on hard (but had to drink 9 major pots);
  • I finally learned the path to VoD all by myself;
  • Learning how to use the ‘G’ to get to Garamol
  • I was able to lead the red team in solving the underwater puzzle in The Twilight Forge using the wiki (I had never done it before);
  • Soloing In the Demon’s Den on elite (man, what a pain in the butt that was)

But so far no luck in goggles in Abbot 🙁

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading

Sep 302013

If you peruse the forums looking for pure paladin builds you might see a lot of hate/derision directed toward this class (or at least that is the impression I had). To sum up the general feeling toward pure paladins: “Gimps”. I think I even saw them compared to cockroaches in one thread (they are very hard to kill, but can’t do much else).


My Pally in his shiny new White Dragonscale Armor

So then I decided my 6th life was going to be a pure pally. Let me explain myself a little bit better:

I have a PLAN. It is an ambitious PLAN (at least for me, seeing that I take around 2-3 months to TR). At the end of this PLAN the only character I play will attain triple completionist status.
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Aug 212013


The title of this post came from the DDO forums, this post in particular:

Sad, sad day for me when I hear people talking about +8 stat items dropping at level 15 and min lvl 23 items with +8 damage and to-hit (competence, therefore out shines EE Dream Visors)…

“Raidloot is dead. Long live trashloot!”

The direction this game is taking is making me a sad panda.

Aug 162013

Title says it all. It’s hard to explain, but you know when everything goes wrong, and everything goes right at the same time? This raid was kind of like that. This was the closest I have ever felt that a quest came to a PnP session. Instead of ROFLstomping it, it was an unexpected challenge.


A few days ago I join a PUG for an elite BB chrono all optionals on my Pally (6th life so far). I check (out of curiosity because I like to read bios…) and most people aren’t TR’s, but that’s normal.


We wait a few minutes to get some healers (two FVS) and head in (11 people).
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