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Feb 062017

And I welcomes you to the Mizzazone where I am Mizzaroo and this is my zone. Which you are in. Kinda weird. Okay!

Anyways, I am not Geoff. I think. Pretty sure I am not. Nope. I’m still me! Okay. For real now. How longs it been since my last bloogy on here? Long time. So long ago I don’t even know. So what have the amazing I been up to? Mostly, buying games then not playing them. My job has done two great things for me. 1: It earns me enough money now that I can finally buy all those big popular games everyone scoops up and 2: It takes up so much of my time I cant play most of those games I buy! So frustrating.

Mostly though lately, Ive been playing Madden 17, Final Fantasy XV & Watchdogs. I tried playing the recent Doom game and oh my god it was horrible. I took it off my Xbox pretty quick. It just felt like a really bad attempt at making a game. Outside that Ive recently(like today) decided to patch my 4 main PC games. DDO, LOTRO, SWTOR & WOW. Because… I dunno. I can. Maybe I wanna play them. But I dunno what I ever wanna know so I don’t know. But I did the thing. OH! And Ive been playing Elder Scrolls Online for a while too. Fun game. I love my mage. I think.

I did manage to get my sister playing NWO on the Xbox. That’s been pretty fun when weve been able to get on together. And Ive got three games on pre order. Mass Effect: Andromeda(the ONE game I absolutely will make time for), Halo Wars 2 & Ghost Recon: Wildlands. And of course, me being me, I absolutely HAD to get the best edition available for each. Why? Same reason I do it for movies and music. CONTENT. Sure, I may not USE all the extra content, but itll be there for if I choose to! YEAH!

Okay. That’s all. Mizzaroo signing off.

Mizzaroos Song Of The Day

Jan 242016

The Mizzazone 2

So Im back with another blog! Why? I dunno. Cause I can be. Thats why! So sit down and SHH! Also, put your hat on. Seriously. Cover that head up.


So, Ive been fairly more active playing online lately. A decent mixture of DDO, LOTRO & some STO thrown into the mix. So not too bad.

On DDO, I finally broke out my Shadar Kai and played her for the very first time with Comic and George on… Tuesday(?). We did many thousands of quests where I fell quite in love with the class. I made her up to be a dual weilding dagger using stabby you in the back character and oh my goodness she does damage like a beast! So far its been a fun class to play and a nice break from my usual. Well, kind of. I mean, she is still a melee character. But shes different from my other Rogues, so theres always that. I am definetly looking forward to playing her more in das future. At some point Im definetly going to play a Morninglord. I mean, I gotta buy it first, but I will. Someday. I WILL! And I will be awesome. Im always awesome. But thats not the point.
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Dec 172015


The absolutley adorable, super cute, mostest amazing, awesomely awesome…. blahblahblah… Mizzaroo is back after twenty years to write another blog after whats been about a million years.

SO! Mizzaroo(thats me) has been a busy busy bee. So busy. Always so tired. Energy drained. Dead. Well, Im alive. But Im dead. So dead. Well, not right now, of course. If I was dead right now I wouldnt be writing a blog. Id be in bed dead. HEY THAT RYHMED!!!

So a few months back I got a new job. It has me waking up early(especially so now) and coming home just so sore and tired and dead. But its a good job. I like it. I like the people. Wish I had more hours. But meh. So, pretty much I havent really had the time to play DDO & LOTRO that Id have really liked to. My hope is that once Christmas(yes, CHRISTMAS) passes, Ill have the energy to really get back onto them.

What I HAVE had energy to play though are my Xbox games. Of which I now have too many. TOO MANY. Also Im broke. Because I have too many games. Id been saving up little bits of money leading up to Black Friday in hopes that thered be a goodly number of games going on sale that Id want. Sure enough, there was! And a Happy Natalie I was. And then a broke Natalie I was. Total Ive spent probably over $300 in the weeks since Black Friday scooping up every game deal I could.

All together I got The Orange Box(Half Life 2, Portal & Team Fortress), Bioshock 1 & 2, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor(GOTY), Fallout: New Vegas, Homefront, Madden & FIFA 16, Destiny: The Taken King(Legendary Edition), Halo 5, Dying Light, State of Decay, The Witcher 3 + Expansion Pass, Medal of Honor, Rare Replay, The Elder Scrolls Online(Basic), Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat Out of Hell, Halo 3: ODST, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, EA Sports UFC and Fable: Anniversary. For movies: 28 Days & Weeks Later, Divergent, The Expendables(Extended), Tomb Raider, Red and Halo: The Fall of Reach. Books(both are Graphic Novels): Blood Crimes and High School of the Dead(Vol. 1). Finally today I bought a board/card game called Pandemic after asking the mister Geoff Hannah about it and him giving it a short but glowing review. So… Yeah. Im broke! But it was totally worth it.

On DDO recently, I bought and created my very first ever Iconic class. Those of you whove been following my blog(all ten million of you) know I just HAD to get Shadar Kai. Seems like itll be a fun class when I finally get around to being able to play it. Havent been able to do to much on LOTRO with Comic due to the whole work thing. And my last minute ‘I cant play today’ things(Im an asshole. I know.). Normally Id be mentioning NWO(PC version) but for some reason I cant play it anymore without epic amounts of lag. I have no idea what exactly has changed between now and when I was able to last play( early/lateish this or last year) but now I just cant seem to do anything on it. Which totally sucks. But thats life! All that matters is me and Comic are almost level 20 on LOTRO and havent died yet! Though I think my tendency to jump off of cliffs and cliff like things worries him a little.

Well, that about sums it all up for this blog. Not too much to report. Except that Im still awesome and miss playing with you guys. Though not as much as you guys miss playing online with me. Because Im awesome. There need not be any other reasons than that. I. Am. Awesome. There. That simple.

Thank you all(ten million) for reading! Hope you have great days/nights!


Oct 172015

The Mizzazone 2

Or at the least, thats what the site wants me to do. I presume this because Im Mizzaroo and Empress’ do what they want. Now, go fetch me some cheese! Pepper Jack! Tillamook! Chopchop! Get to it!… Still waaaaaitiiiiing!

So where to start… where to start… Well, in my last blog I mentioned I was trying to get into the Army. Still true. Its just been delayed until early next year. I forgot to mention my knee surgery to my recruiter and the MEPs people got bitchy about it. So now I gotta wait until they decide weather or not my knee is a liability or not. Its not(obviously, otherwise I wouldnt be trying to join) but mah recruiter thinks that since the military is in peacetime mode, it may go against me. But Imma keepin mah hopes up!

Other than that, I finally have good internets again! So I can play and play and play and play and play! I LOVE TO PLAY! Also have a good TV again so Ive been spending a good deal of time playing on my Xbox One.

Gamewise, Ive been playing alot of MMOs. Just not my usuals. On the One Ive been playing Neverwinter Online and Warframe. On the PC Ive been spending time with my older sister playing WoW. When Im not playing those, Im either on STO, SWtOR, DDO(to bug the friday night group) or LotRO(weekends with Comic).

Decided today was gonna be the day me and Comic bid Firefoot farewell. Im actually really bummed about that. I mean, the server was called Firefoot. Why would they kill a server with such an awesome name? Even with that, Im pretty excited about having two new character slots. Im thinking one will be a Runekeeper fo sho. Ill probably get VIP for a few months on LotRO once I start makin dat paper again.

One thing Ive noticed today on LotRO is that the Beorning class is on sale for either the second or third time in the one year its been out. Meanwhile Ive yet to see the Shadar Kai class(or the other ones) go on sale once yet. So either the Beorning class is a failure(Ive only seen one or two total in the last year) or its such a success that they feel the need to put it on sale alot. On that note, unlike Druid and Warlock, I understand the price of the 4 special classes in DDO. They start out at lvl 15. That makes them special. So youre pretty much paying for the class plus a few levels making the price at least sensible. On the other hand, I dont understand why Druid and Warlock are so spendy. I mean, in points, they both cost what would be just under $20. So like $40 for two classes that arent really that special. Now if they were priced at 995TP, Id consider that reasonable. But Im just a Natalie. What do I know?

Well, thats it for this blog. Bye bye!

Aug 062015

The Mizza Zone

Yeah I know. Using the word ‘fondly’ as I did was wrong. It just reminds me of the word ‘fondle’, which makes me giggle. Yes. Its okay to be taken aback by the fact Im a (nearly) 25 year old chicca with the brain of a 13 year old boy(sometimes).


So, youre all probably wondering(or at least most of you are wondering), ‘Whats Mizzy saying farewell to this time?’ Well, its simple! Im saying a temporary farewell to all of you wonderful peoples.

Now that I finished with school I took a few days off then got started on figuring out what exactly comes next. Decided to go with the plan A that Ive mentioned in blogs past, which is to join the Army. So, a couple days back I headed into the local office and spoked to someone, took the practice ASVAB test and scored high enough on it to get priority status. Then yesterday, I took the real test and scored high enough on it to blow away pretty much everyone in the office. So all I have left is to find and submit a couple documents then the enlistment process can take off. Right now Im projected to ship out for basic in a fewish months but until then its me making sure Im 100% ready to join, physically and shizz.

So, from this point onwards its no more mizzaplaying for at least until (roughly) early February. Ill still post my random crap occasionally on Twitter but thatll be about it. That or occasionally post a comment to a blog. Mostly though, Ill be lurking in the shadows… watching every single one of you… never too close but never far out of reach…

And thats pretty much it. Its not permenant, just lengthy. So all you people on the blogs, take care and all you people on the Twitter I seeeee youuuuu!


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