Jul 162010

Tolero is asking for suggestions involving the Auction House. I use the AH all the time – really, every day – so perhaps it is not surprising that I am chock full of ideas how it could be improved.

Presented in no particular order:

  • There ought to be guild-restricted auctions, where only your guild can place bids
  • There ought to be a full-length mirror available that shows how your character will look wearing the hat or weapon or (especially!) armor
  • There ought to be an “All” option for simple weapons, and another for martial weapons, and finally an “all” that searches all types of weapons
  • The amount of time remaining should display much more precisely
  • When one sorts, it should sort the entire category, not just the current page. Changing pages should not cause a sorted category to resort
  • There should be a “Reset” button that recalculates time, high bids, etc, so one does not have to log off and on to keep auctioning
  • There needs to be a <<< >>> kind of page control that lets me go to the last page or jump to a page rather than making me click Next 50 times
  • Ingredients need several sub-categories. Perhaps “Devilish altar”, “Traps”, “Seasonal”, “Epic”, “Dragonshard” and “Other”?
  • Similarly, collectables are out of hand. Perhaps “Alchemical”, “Dragonshard”, “Dragon scale”, “Seasonal” and “Other”?
  • Keyword searching should allow at least two keywords, and a choice of AND or OR searches
  • Even better, allow IN searches where I can specify (for instance) ‘Holy’ and anything IN (‘Metalline’, ‘Silver’)

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  1. Nice thoughts. I definitely agree on the time remaining… it’s annoying to say the least to have a ‘2 hours remaining’ auction tick after 1 hour and 1 minute. Although that would probably increase the number of last-second snipes. 😉

    And keyword searching? YES PLEASE. I don’t care about all the Flaming of Maiming when I’m looking for Pure Good.

  2. Ctr click on item should show a view of you wearing the item. Sorting entire category, like you said and a text search. Perhaps a moving average of sale price for that item may be nice as well. Lua add-on programing is coming to LotRO, If they make it here, then Some of that stuff may follow. Apparently lua was fairly easy to put into the LotRO game engine.

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