Nov 032010

This is one tough raid! the Halfling Commandos have attempted it four times, three at level (5-8th) and once on Epic. We won all of the normal attempts… but wow! It can be really really difficult. We did not win the Epic attempt. We did not even get to the first boss fight.

Really, the boss fights aren’t the problem,* rather its the packs of devils in the main area. They are mean and they seem to enjoy sharing their bad attitude.

But you have to love “And I will form the head!”

We might be a little on the low side, level-wise, but we’re acceptably competent anyway when we play well: stick together, move as a group, only agro what we can handle. Following the recipe = success, and we can clear the marketplace.

But the recipe is hard to follow. The map is 3D, and if anyone gets separated or dives out to shrine or shows up late or D/C’s, it is striking how the slightest variance from the plan can cause a crescendo of badness and result in a storm of unwanted soulstones.

The devils teleport and swarm you. Jumping into a tavern does not shed agro. If you move recklessly you quickly have all the original foes plus respawns, agro everywhere, forcibly reminding you that Dungeon Alert is the hardest boss of all.

Yet, fun. Three boss fights! Nice, and each one is a fun fight, requiring uniquely different tactics. Pretty nice loot too! The Gem of Many Facets seems to drop for everyone most of the time, but the other named items are both worthwhile and plentiful.

I recommend the Chronoscope raid to anyone looking for a challenging way to spend an hour or two at mid-low-level.

What do you think?

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