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Atop the Food Pyramid

One of other changes from Update 30, beyond the Gnomes and the Anniversary Party Challenge, is the addition of two new food groups to bars and taverns across both of DDO’s realms: broccoli and bacon.

Broccoli, of course, for the same reasons behind the Broccoli Bashers. Bacon, because, I guess, the internet loves bacon.

Technically, it is not broccoli itself, but rather broccoli juice. Which in real life, I think, is normally just called “water”, but in DDO it is this lovely emerald nectar, greener than a fresh apple, filling a goblet with broccoli goodness.


Broccoli and bacon come to DDO


There is a purpose to this; the broccoli juice restores 6000 points of mana when consumed in a tavern. Not instantly, it takes a minute, and you have to stay in the tavern for the whole minute to get all 6000 points of mana. Similarly, bacon restores 6000 hit points over a minute.

We’ve had food and drink in DDO all along, this is nothing new. What is new is that food and drink used to provide an effect – “Fed” and “Quenched” respectively – that varied in strength from I to X, restoring more points at X than it did at I. Now we just get “Broccoli” and “Bacon” as shown here.


Broccoli and Bacon effects


Another difference is that food and drink used to be accompanied by two differing types of oils, so that warforged characters could also restore points even though they do not eat or drink. I forget the specifics of the oil types, but the thought was that they would apply them rather than consuming them. It is the same reason why most characters can directly use Tasty Ham, but warforged cannot and instead have to first use the Stone of Change to convert it to Tasty Ham Oil.

But that is not the way of modern DDO; we don’t have time for that kind of fuss and bother. Everyone eats bacon and drinks broccoli, whether they actually possess mouths or not.

Note our lovely warforged model Exterminate, eating and drinking just like lesser, fleshier, fragile organic creatures do.


warfoged eat Broccoli and Bacon too just like regular beings


Regardless of the mouths/non-mouths of warforged, I suspect that many of us never get our hit points or mana back while in a tavern. That is what guild airships are for! It felt odd to step into the Goldwing Inn for a refresh between Anniversary Party challenge runs; it seemed weird and old-fashioned, like suddenly I was playing the game on a 386 with an 800×600 monitor.

Nonetheless, we don’t all have guild airships, right? But we do all need hit points and mana, and now we can all fill up in one minute or less. Unless you have somehow figured out how to stack more than 6000 hit points onto your character? 6000 mana is more likely but I think still out of reach.

It is, isn’t it? 6000 mana? Does anyone actually have that much?

I am always curious.

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  1. I had completely missed the broccoli juice.. I kept using the old sp regen drink, which only regens 2500sp (less than full sp bar) for my casters.

  2. I totally bought some of these when the update went live, I may have overestimated how many HP and SP my characters have…

  3. Official Book of DDO records shows 7447 hp and 5023 sp as records. I have no idea how current that is.

  4. Oh Geoff, I fail again. I have a 2 complete pages in my backpack devoted to 100-stacks of Broccoli Juice and Bacon. Why? It was supposed to be a surprise for our Troll Week in June but well, sigh…. You beat me to the finish line again…. Sigh….

    • I was unaware of the race.

      Maybe you can send me a list of topics to avoid?

      • Oh no, this is a cooperative rather than a competitive effort. Stay away from the inevitable conclusion of Samius and Cordovan playing checkers with shots of broccoli juice and bacon bits on a deserted isle and everything should remain quite civil. Has anyone seen that paladin wench in the grass skirt? I need another tequila….

  5. To elaborate on the whole warforged situation, from the 3.5th edition Eberron Campaign Setting…
    “A warforged does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe, but he can still benefit from the effects of consumable spells and magic items such as Heroe’s Feast and potions.”
    I’m guessing the regular tavern fare isn’t magical food in that instance.

  6. Thanks for this post. I spotted the bacon and broccoli in a tavern recently (sometimes it is quicker than guild ship) and wondered whether they had been there for years, so nice to know that I am not that unobservant.

    They do rather make all the other things on the menu even more redundant. Until there is an unexpected devaluation of plat at least.

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