Atarexian Fan Boy

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Mar 112015

Red Sox nation wildman

I don’t know why I never noted this before, it’s clearly obvious. But regardless, I did not. Until now: wildmen are Boston Red Sox fans.

Look at the t-shirt the wildman is wearing. The collar is a little stretched, but hey, it is on a wild man; some stretching is to be expected. And other than that it is, stitch for stitch, a perfect Red Sox T, so perfect it might as well be on Boston Rob, taken directly from the Red Sox souvenir shop.

And why not? The Red Sox are Turbine’s home team. Why not sneak a little home team into your hand-crafted game? I would if I was a Turbine artist.

I might not be quite as subtle about it though.

Even wildmen love John Elway

Whattya think? Too much? Maybe a little?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. The wildmen are not Boston Red Sox fans. The Red Sox visited there and the whole team was wiped out by an attack by the wildmen. The wildmen then donned the jerseys, seeing them as just fabric against the elements.

  2. I thought the Wildmen WERE the Boston Red Sox?!

  3. Somehow I can see Elway as a wildman…helicoptering his way into the fray

  4. You should add that to the DDO Easter Eggs thread!

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