May 132013


After completing some Vale of Twilight quests, I recalled and ended up in the Twelve. I headed back into the Vale to pick up my end reward. The entire time, the chorus to Neil Diamond’s song “Coming to America” was stuck in my head, but the lyrics were changed a bit:

We’re running to Meridia,
We’re running to Meridia,
We’re running to Meridia…TODAY!

Now you’ll be doing the same thing. You’re welcome. =)

Maybe I should brush up on my lore, come up with verses for the rest of the song, and tweak the above photo to feature ‘Arry’s demon head. Alas, real life demands my attention for now.

EDIT: Thanks to my DDO friend Romenion for taking on part of that project for me!

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  1. Evennote and the earworm you put in my head would like to have a word or two with you on filking without a license… :)

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