May 252012

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She’s doing it again …
someone make her stop!

Felicia Day, singer/writer/actor/musician, internet darling and fantasy of nerdy boys everywhere, is turning herself into an entertainment mogul as well.

Sure, you already know her as Codex of The Guild, or perhaps as the fairy from The Legend of Neal, or Penny from Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, or Tallis from Dragon Age Redemption, or … well you get the point. She does a lot of stuff on the web. And you liked all of it.

Now she’s going for it all. She’s launching a new YouTube channel, Geeks & Sundry, promising a line-up of seven regularly-appearing individual shows. Including The Guild, naturally, but also a strangely appealing mix of other interests such as a motion comic from Dark Horse, a couple of live blogs and features, a tabletop boardgaming walkthrough by Wil Wheaton, and my personal favorite, a show where professional illustrators animate stories written by children called (suprisingly) Written By a Kid. This one isn’t available yet, but watch the trailer. It is truly charming and I can’t wait to see real episodes.

TableTop, the Dark Horse comic, Felicia’s vlog (called “Flog”), and an interview/talk feature vlog called Sword and Laser are already in production and have episodes available. I haven’t had time to check out Sword and Laser or Flog yet.

I found the comic to be interesting, but too dark for me. I like my comics big and bright and full of green gamma radiation, while this one is rainy and gray and full of teen angst. It looks super creative, I’m sure many people will love it, but it’s just not my cup of tea.*

* I clicked on the Dark Horse link just now and noticed that they’ve added new episodes featuring Hellboy. Maybe the previous gray rainy teen thing wasn’t anyone’s cup of tea?

TableTop, on the other hand, is a delight. Wil Wheaton invites three celebrities – well that is kind of a strong word for it, most of them are fairly obscurely famous if at all – and the four of them play a board game. We get to learn the rules and some basic strategies as well as watching the game play and banter. The games have been some of my favorites (Settlers of Catan, Steve Jackson Zombie Dice) or games I’ve heard about and been interested in exploring (Small World, Tsuro). Every one has been a solid choice.

Some of the guests have been interesting and entertaining in their own right – Grant Imahara from MythBusters, cast members from Eureka – while others have been clearly uncomfortable and sort of painful to watch (I am looking at you Gene Roddenberry’s son) but Wil Wheaton turns out to be surprisingly animated and funny himself.

You’ll want to do some fast-forwarding, especially if you watch multiple episodes in a row, but don’t let that be a drawback, it’s why you have a fast-forward button in the first place. The show is a neat concept, interestingly executed, and very good at giving you a real view into a board game you already love or if not, should be playing.

If you have time left after grinding Tower of Despair. And watching internet shows.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Sounds interesting. I shall have to check this oot. Yup.

  2. Am a subscriber/love the guild…. it made me miss MMO’s… and is part of the reason I am here, we play paper dnd and on here/hugs to all….hackem all up/roll a d6/wink….

  3. Yeah I have been watching tabletop since it started got some good ideas of games to pick up, I actually find felicia day a bit irritating for some reason but there is enough good stuff on geek and sundry for me!

  4. Felicia Day with her own channel – we’re never going to see Slvr again!

  5. Since I follow Felicia Day on twitter and subscribe to Geek & Sundry on youtube, I give a great big Yay! 😀 to this post.

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