Aug 112015

So I listened to everyone. And talked. And listened some more. And looked things up, endlessly.

I did my homework. I did not want to waste the fruits (actually the fungi, mushrooms are not a fruit) of my arduous and very grindy labors.

So I waited. And asked questions. And listened some more. And then, just to be sure, I took a poll. The overwhelming majority of you agreed, overwhelmingly:

  • Heroic TOEE melee weapons are Da Bomb
  • Heroic TOEE caster weapons are Da Bust
  • Heroic TOEE armor is pretty fine too

And still I waited some more. I gave the poll extra time; sometimes it takes a few days for all of the votes to trickle in. And I read (and listened to) the comments that the poll generated.

  • My Gamer Girl thought I ought to make a scimitar
  • So did some of you (or to be more accurate, something better than a dagger, you were not specific)
  • Astute reader BasCB pointed out that I could use cosmetic daggers to stay in Bricki’s character while swinging something better

And still I waited. And read. And watched the Auction House for the perfect weapons. And at last, today, finally, all of the planets aligned.

I’ve done my homework. Thoroughly. It’s time to act.

Applied Myconics

And so, act I did.

Exploding kukri,
acid-spewing scimitar
both look like daggers

Now to acquire and slot a couple of Ruby eyes and a topaz of Deathblock and I will have the perfect melee equipment. On my mainly caster druid. Yes, all of this is for 11 heroic levels; once she hits Epic her daggers are unlikely to remain effective; I expect she will have to transition to mainly castering to be viable.

But still, what a glorious eleven levels they will be.

Bricki Lee, the best-geared heroic character I think I have ever had.

Now all I have to do is find time to play her.

🙂 😀 🙂

What do you think?

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