Sep 242010

Hot New Stuffs

Lots of coolness coming and I can hardly wait! Only one drawback: I am still learning and enjoying all of the coolness from update 6.

  • New content! always something to anticipate
  • Auction house changes: text search!
  • Guild reknown changes: yay, no more pressure to boot inactives
  • Shin-Tao monk upgrade:  Oriental is very excited about Jade Strike
  • Bug fixes: lots of annoying stuff removed, and double YAY for fixing the missing missile bug

Release notes are available here if you want to see for yourself.

Things in Update 7 that I could do without:

  • Glancing blow updates: this is not D&D and now it is even more not D&D
  • Paladins get Intimidate: further detracting from the uniqueness of the poor embattled Fighter

Things in Update 7 that make me go meh:

There are lots of changes in Update 7 that don’t even rate a “meh”. They are what they are and I am (largely) glad for them. But these few stand out as being particularly good and bad at the same time.

  • Inventory UI changes: maybe I will get more excited about them when I can see them?
  • Touch of Death nerf: makes for a lot of angst, maybe there was another way to accomplish the same goal?
  • Coin Lord 400 favor reward: okay … but … +2?
  • Bard enhancements: nice to have, definitely, but not the kind of thing that makes me slaver with anticipation
  • The new races

The new races SHOULD be the coolest and most anticipated part of the update. And, yes, they do look pretty cool! But … for me, meh.

Partly because I am in a halfling-only guild. I have non-halfling characters in other guilds, and/or on other servers: this is not a stopper, just a point of note. Partly because I already have all of my character slots filled. Who would I delete to make room for a new race? Again, not a stopper, but definitely something that makes me less excited about the races.

Mainly, when all is said and done, the new races strike me as another invitation to run the same quests again. Again. I am already on this path due to my TR plans. Maybe when my Completionist is complete?

The best part of all:

My favorite aspect of Update 7 is the way that the updates just keep on coming. I wasn’t kidding when I said that I haven’t finished with Update 6 yet, but here comes Update 7, ready or not.

New players may not be able to appreciate just how grim DDO became in 2008/2009 when content and development ground to a halt. Now everything is sunny and delicious, new content every couple of months, new developer involvement in the forums, new technology, new races , new new new!

I know I’ve said this before, but thank you Free To Play! We’d have none of this if not for you 🙂

What do you think?

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