Jan 122012

MadFloyd is soliciting comments about the Update 12 Challenges in this thread.

My take?

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The challenges are fun, but even so I have not yet attempted all of them.

The problem for me is that the rewards for the challenge are just more items, featuring yet another crafting/barter system. We have so many ways to get items now that the new ones just kind of get lost in the noise. Not one item from the challenge reward list jumped out at me as something I had to have even if it meant grinding a challenge for two weeks – which, really, it would.

I am not saying the reward items should be better. I am suggesting that the rewards need to be something different, maybe something that is not an item at all. And preferably something I can’t get any other way.

Then I’d be able to get a challenge group together for more than a lvl12 House C favor run.

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What’s your take?

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  1. I am in the next boat over, G.

    I really haven’t gotten into the challenges, mainly due to riding the TR Train. But I have been looking at them and getting my feet wet because some of the items are good enough to grind out.

    Both at low level the belt and the stalker ring are both good standouts. And for epics they are very solid.

    Over all there are a few abilities that can only be gotten from these items. Weaken Construct, +1-5 Staggering Blow, Auto Repair, Manslayer. As well as having powers in slots that we have never had before. And a 100% way to get that +3 dodge bonus.

  2. I completely agree with most of it, the items of house c challenges, although look tasty, seem much too much to put the time in to crafting ONE of them, let alone multiple.

  3. Good post – and link. I like the challenges, but suck at them generally. The only one I’ve completed is Kobold Chaos, which is fun and just a very enjoyable experience. I need to find other players to team up with for the other challenges, but don’t want to make a grade A fool of myself and waste other people’s time.


    My general feeling is positive, but I’m probably not going to be grinding them any time soon. 🙂

  4. 2 weeks? I got my level 20 item to level 3 over one week, running only 3 nights, I think. I ran more than that but it was for a different item, so it doesn’t count. I think I could have managed to get all three tiers in one day actually.

    They’re not really solo grinds, you need a good group or at least 1-2 good people.
    I enjoy them a lot more than DQ grind for torc (which drives people insane and results in stupid LFMs of “don’t apply if looking for torc”)… or the grind for Litany.

  5. I like the rewards and I also like the quests, more the ones that can be solo.

    I just didn’t have done more of them because i’m still new at the game and so I have too many other quests to do and things to discover.

    The bad thing about them is that they are just a little intimidating at the beggining: you need to know what you’re doing and need to do it fast, or take risk to be quickly kicked from the party.

    So for me the challenges are more a option for alone times, and maybe they will be a good option to fill the remaining equipment slots in the future.

  6. Okay, I take back my statement that the grind is a two-week slog. It is for me, because I would have to solo or duo most of the time and that is just not as efficient. But if you can get a good group it can go much faster.

    Although to be fair I think that is true with most DDO grinds.

    I stand by my statement that we have so many ways to earn and/or craft items that rewards are less attractive to me, even though I acknowledge that some of the items are better than I realized at first blush.

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

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