Apr 262013

Annoyingly Vegan
Annoyingly Vegan and her companions Tofu and Gluten

Start with a big hunk of Druid. Toss in a splash of something castery. Generously stir in Arcane Archer. Throw onto a brand-new server, Thelanis, where you have no established funds or gear.

The result? Annoyingly Vegan, my latest character.

 STR 10
 DEX 18
 CON 12
 INT 8
 WIS 18
 CHA 8

 Feats (so far): Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus (Ranged)
 Enhancements:   Anything to increase DEX, ranged DPS, or cold and fire DPS
 Equipment:      Veteran starter gear only

Light on hitpoints, heavy on DPS.

She is always on the attack. Whether throwing an Ice Storm at a grouped target, Produce Flame at a caster, or simply firing arrows as fast as she can. Her build requires her to kill things quickly, and as a general rule, she does.

She has no gear beyond starter, and no plat whatsoever. Her lack of gear shows most tellingly in her hit points, meaning she has to kill things even faster than she would otherwise.

And she is vulnerable to large swarms.

  • Like many caster-focused Druids, she is excellent versus creatures that take cold damage
  • Like many ranged-focused characters, she is excellent in wide-open spaces versus creatures that can be critical’ed

Naturally I started her out in Delera’s Tomb, a claustrophobic warren full of undead that are largely immune to cold.

In spite of my lack of forethought, she performed adequately, able to successfully complete the quests on elite even when soloing. I said “complete”, not “dominate”, and not even “complete without dying”. But complete nonetheless and without overly much pain or re-entry.

Some pain. But not overly much.

In group her performance improved, but I need practice at being the archer without pulling things to the rear of the party. Generally, this didn’t matter, most things died in the Ice Storm or in the hail of arrows before they tried to run past the melee. But now and then I could see that I was making the melees chase my targets back to me; something I find annoying when I am the melee and it happens to me.

She was at her best when waiting for the melee to attract agro, then launching Ice Storm and arrowing (versus living opponents) or Flameblading (versus skeletons) as fast as possible. Her Produce Flame came in handy versus the Arcane Casters and her Creeping Cold works well versus Wraiths.

Earning a level was not much trouble, and one of this build’s key enhancements, Elven Arcane Archer, beckons at minimum level eight.

I can take a level of Wizard in order to qualify for AA. Or I can wait till level 9 when I can take Mental Toughness; all of the routes for AA qualification at level eight seem to require splashing a caster class. I would have thought that being a Druid was castery enough?

But I can figure that out later. So far I can report that the character is pretty fun to play. Not as robust as I would like, or at least not yet without CON and GFL gear, but still fun to play.

Which is a win, right? This is a game and fun is the intended goal.


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  1. πŸ™‚ curious. Why the name?

  2. That is an incredibly awesome name! But it begs the question – is Enchanted Ghallanda Distillate vegan? Enchanted = Processed, so totally not part of a clean diet at least. None of the tavern foods are labeled for dietary restrictions! What’s an Annoyingly Vegan to do!?!

  3. For early to mid levels, ignore seasons herald & go with natures warrior, then take reaving roar – its just you killing things that will make it proc, NOT whether you kill them in melee in animal form so with a bit of AoEs & ranged burst dps, you can tear through groups in pretty short order.

  4. On the enhancement alpha, no feats required for arcane archer, which makes some builds far easier. But for elf and half-elf, the AA enhancements cost more, which makes some builds more difficult. It’ll be interesting to see new ranged builds evolve out of it.

  5. Honestly, I started squee’ing when I realized Geoff now has a toon on Thelanis, and the rest of the post still hasn’t sunk in. *g*

    If you aren’t purposely sticking to just stuff you loot, hit up any of my toons; we can get you all twinked out. πŸ˜€

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