Feb 242014

I have a list of game changes. There is nothing special about that, everyone does, we all remember when some part of the game behaved differently than it does now. But usually, our list of game changes consists of things that have changed for the worse, or things that didn’t need changing while our most annoying pet peeves remain in the game unchanged.

I think it may be human nature to remember the negatives in preference over the positives.

So I keep a special list of changes, good changes. Things that maybe didn’t need changing, in that they replaced things that already worked, but that still made things better in some way.

And one of those is the way that female halflings run. For years they ran like hunchbacks, leaning forward on necks that were too elongated to be realistic, crouched in and forward like so many pocket Quasimodos, too ugly for even Esmeralda to love.

Not a game-ruining problem, female halflings could still run, still get where they were going, still able to fight and cast and sneak attack un-impinged. But it wasn’t pretty.

And then suddenly, one day, they ran upright. I tried to remember exactly when this change was made, but I cannot, nor could I find it in the release notes (although my search was as sporadic as it was whimsical). Update 5?

Nonetheless, a good change, and well worth the effort to include it. I can’t show you the old-style hunchback Neanderthal dash, this was before I’d figured out the GIF thing. But I can show you the newly improved Homo Erectus-style running animation:

Running Amonk
Running amonk

Much, much better.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Yep, now that you mention it I remember the old running style of the female halflings and thought the same thing, they run like a hunchback, lol. Didn’t even pick up on the fact that they changed it.

  2. It’s the little changes in virtual life that brings us pleasure. Now, if they can rid us of the bunny-hop of unarmed female Monks using Great Cleave, we’d be that much happier.

  3. I called it a scamper … Yark?!

  4. The scampering didn’t bother me, but It does remind me of this [cropped] screenie I took the other day:
    That poor wrist!

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