Feb 272012
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The new DDO expansion includes a lot of pre-order incentives. Really a lot. Tomes that permanently increase the rate at which one earns XP. Adventure packs. Turbine Points. Unique magic items.

And animal companions. More or less.

Cosmetic animal companions. As in, they do nothing except follow you around and look cute. Or at least, some of them look cute. The other one, well, lets go with “interesting” rather than “cute”. They come with two or three “tricks” – animations you can command the pet to execute, such “lick your paw” or “play dead”. The animations are all scenes we’ve seen before, for instance the “play dead” animation is the normal death animation for that particular model.

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You can buy gear for them too. Like Barbies. The gear doesn’t do anything except change how they look. In the case of the three collars that come with the deluxe pre-order they don’t even do that, they do nothing at all. Again, like Barbies, except it is all pixels and memory addresses and there is no Barbie Convertible for your pets. Yet.

Normally I object to the use of the word “pet” to mean whatever creature or companion you’ve summoned. It seems too generic and vaguely derogatory. But in this case it fits; the cosmetic companions are truly pets.

Having thrown out all that negativity, I will fess up and admit that I already pre-ordered the deluxe kit and one of the first things I did was summon and name my pets. I didn’t buy the deluxe version because of the pets, no, I wanted the adventure packs and the experience tomes and so on. And yet there I was, naming my pets, figuring out which character would “own” each one (even the spider!), fruitlessly applying the colored collars, running around to see if they would follow.

I went into the Orchard with my new pet, my new Figurine of Wondrous Power, a regular hireling (Ayron for the DVs!), and a summoned Air Elemental. A small army of awesomeness. The Orchard didn’t have a chance.

I’ve spent $80 on things I enjoyed way less than the items I’ve already received for pre-ordering the expansion kit. After all this, the expansion kit itself is almost like a free throw-in.

Got to go, Ejecta needs a Skiver and there’s Legend Pages in the Orchard adventure area chests now. They ain’t gonna loot themselves.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I named my Panther Lucyfur, my spider Pythagorus (they make awesome geometric shapes) and my puppy Smudge. I now hate myself, as a grown man buying into tamagotchi’s…..

  2. But they’re CUTE tamagotchis!

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