Jul 192012

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I could tell you where this picture was taken
But you wouldn’t believe me

You know the routine right?

  1. Run around
  2. Kill everything
  3. Profit

That approach won’t get you very far in Acute Delirium.

What a wonderfully creative quest this is. I think it is safe to say that no other quest anywhere, in any mainstream online game includes an escort mission where the object of your attention is dancing furniture.

It’s in The Twelve. It’s part of the Reign of Madness adventure pack. It even features a couple of interesting named loot items – and there are some outstanding items elsewhere in the pack.

No spoilers here (or at least not any beyond the mention of “dancing furniture”). But if you haven’t run this quest, you should, soon!

Bored with standard quests?
Try Acute Delirium
Nothing else like it

One word of warning: it is not easy. Definitely not easy.

Sure is a good time though. Go! You can thank me later.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. And, even with the number of times I have run the quest, I still do not know this one fully. The last time I ran, I was shown the ‘hidden’ chamber and extra chest in the library, that I have found zero references to, up to that point. There may be something other mysterious about that quest, so will just have to run it again to find out.

  2. A good source for adhesive slimes, too.

  3. Its an awesome quest when it first came out went in on casual with my sorc just to see what it was all about reminded me of a Twisted Fantasia 🙂 definitely a fun quest and not easy period even on casual if you have no clue of whats in store in there.

  4. Oh I made the mistake of showing my face to the ugly beholder and he telekinesis-ed me to my death 5 times over. There were some bad words involved :P. The other day I ran this again and hid my face like a coward between DOTs. hehehe. I love this entire chain!

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