Apr 292016

Something about this GIF was just killing me. No matter what I did, I couldn’t smooth out the animation. Which is weird, because the source image in House Cannith is perfectly smoothed animation. The gear on the left spins in seemingly flawless perfection. Normally this kind of thing makes for an excellent looping GIF because there is a built-in loop and all I have to do is figure out how many frames it takes to repeat.

Voila; perfectly synched looping GIF.

Except no, this one would just not synch. The gear spinning remains jerky after about an hour of trying different ways to get it right. And then suddenly, it dawned on me: I can not get all the frames to smooth out because I do not have all the frames. There are frames missing.

I had micro-lag, undetectable while it was happening, only visible in one-frame-at-a-time super slow motion.


An unsatisfying loop of House CannithYou can click this to see it full-sized but it’s probably not worth the bother


Huh. Micro-lag. That’s new. I’ve been doing these for years, never before encountered it.

My focus on getting the loop just so prevented me from noticing that the subject of the GIF is not well-suited either. GIF is a lossy format – something is always lost when you convert to GIF. Like the beauty of a Stormreach sunset; no longer a wonder of animation, now it is a surrealist work of modern art. And all of those particle effects, converted to glowing blue orbs. It is just not the best subject.

Totally unsatisfying.

Oh well, the workday looms threateningly and there is no time to re-shoot the original video (assuming that will even fix the problem); what I have will have to do.

So here you go, world, a very unsatisfying looping GIF of House Cannith.

Happy Friday!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Just lucky a platform wasn’t going past… Although, I guess you could “Photoshop” that out.

    (The House Cannith Enclave needs an airship tower.)

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