Nov 192012

Raise Cake

Raise Cake, lovely Raise Cake
You save me from so much repetition

Restoring my hit points
So I can complete the mission


Your tasty baked goodness survives even death,
You stand ‘gainst the gray and the dolorous

Beckoning cheery, bright blue and white
I wish for a dozen of your wondrousness.


Rail, rail, rail against the darkness
ne’er go gently into the great night

You still have a chance, you still have hope!
E’en though you’ve died soloing the end fight


Through the magic of Turbine Points,
You appear in my pack when I need you

I don’t need to play well or execute a combo,
I just need my credit card to feed you



When I used a Raise Cake on Mawry while running the Swiped Signet, my Gamer Girl threw up her hands, “You’ve given up all pretense of caring how much you spend in the DDO Store”.

Chuckling, I assured her it was not really like that, not at all.

But yes, yes it was.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I absolutely love that! I told myself when I first saw them in the store that I would never buy one of those! Well… I’ve fallen off the wagon there. I have purchased a few. For those of us who solo, sometime they are indeed handy! Now, off to go enter the lottery to win some…

  2. How could it not be like that at all? Running swiped signet means you can just recall out. Running swiped signet for xp is just masochism. Even running as an artificer or rogue splashed ranger I hate that quest.

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