An Issue of Scale

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Apr 032013

An Issue of Scale
An issue of scale

I love the little touches of detail that you can uncover in this game.

For instance, the giant-sized alchemist’s table that exists in a giant’s lair in the quest Madstone Crater. Note how giant-sized it is. Very giant-sized.

I only wish that the devs had made it a collectible dispenser like most alchemist’s table, except instead it gave out gigantic versions of the collectible that you could only carry with both hands. Shield-sized chapbooks and greatsword-scale drowshoods; I have no idea what you would do with them but it would be fun to watch everyone carry them about.

Or better, a potion bottle so big that it requires the entire party to carry; what a fun quest optional objective, everyone working together to get a massive bottle of Cure back to the quest entrance where it can be properly split up and sold.

Giant-sized potion
Cures the whole territory;
heals for everyone

But instead the table just sits there, inert but still interesting in spite of it’s lack of interoperability.

Now that I think about it, why don’t all of the giants have giant-sized accessories? Why would any of them have anything human scale at all? But as far as I know, other than a few Dire Bear pelts there is only this one humongous piece of furniture, anywhere in the game.

Touches of detail like this are what really makes the game come alive for me.

So big!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

p.s. I will be offline for the next several days for eldest-son-getting-married-based reasons. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the postcards that will appear in lieu of regular articles, and I’ll see you back here live Tuesday 4/9.

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  1. There’s also the biggest shrines in the game, inside Genesis Point, which will make that alchemist’s table seem tiny in relation. Those devils are obviously overcompensating for something.

  2. There are other possibilities! Looting a giant Cryptmoss Worm could lead to a battle with it! Think like the Purple Worms in the Underdark!

  3. That is really cool man!
    And congrats on your son getting married!

  4. Something i remember being suggested in the forums a while back was a quest that’d use this kind of scale adjustment, with the story being that its a typical “take out some kobolds” mission, the party gets captured & shrunk by a crazy kobold (wild mage?) wizard & then having to break out of a cage where he’s stored you then work your way through his lab, fighting massive rats, spiders etc. & eventually culminating in a boss fight vs. the “giant” kobold in order to break the spell & return to normal size

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