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Kargon’s relentlessly upbeat view, regular posting cadence, and insistence on being in-character at all times made him the game’s first player celebrity. The forums loved him, other players loved him, and especially, the game developers loved him, referencing him in-game not just once (Kargon’s Tasty Ham) and not just twice (the barbarian class path Storm of Kargon) but also including a reference in the recent 10th anniversary party: “it’s the bestamest”.

DDOGamer recently got the chance to ask Kargon a few questions. Here’s what happened:

Questions For Kargon

First off, Kargon are Kargon. Are the beauty of it. Kargon are just crazy enough to know Kargon are both a game charactermer and person playing video game at same time.

Are like Deadpool, with less guns and more ham. Kargon may speak in Kargon and not silly Englimish, but Kargon discuss out of game things too.

I heard you’d left the game, but here you are. Were you gone?


I asked Kargon for an action shot

Kargon left right around time level cap was going to increase to 22.

For how long and where did you go?

Had done most of the quests many times and didn’t really understand how TRing worked, so felt like had done everything game had to offer. Had capped TRd barbarian, capped ranger, capped paladin, 2 capped clerics, capped Favored soul, capped wizard, capped sorcermer, not quite capped fighter and TR’d a monk. Was a bit burned out on quests available and changed jobs so had less free time.

Kargon always planned to come back when more content was out and when free time made sense.

Kargon also came back to re-train left hand to do what Kargon brain tell it to do (medical issues, all solved now). DDO are good typing and fine motor skills training. And more interesting than spinning a pen in hand for hours.

Do you find modern traps to be easier to find with your face? Harder? About the same?

Some traps seem to prefer Kargon foot these days. Everything else, Kargon definitely still finding with face.

What is your favorite quest, and why?

Probamally the legendary hound or planar gird runs. Anything that lets Kargon stand in chaos orbs for free tasty ham. Refreshaming disintigrates are just a bonus. Always fun to confuse party in Hound: ‘Why Kargon running the wrong way?’

What is your favorite weapon, and why?

Kargon still pretty fond of heroic greensteel lightnaming 2 anything. Kargon was first person to post lightnaming II effects on forums after Garth figured out how to make dual shard effects work (with some of kargon’s ingredients). Kargon ranger still has the first lightnaming II weapon ever made and announced publicly (warhammer). Also, KABOOOOOOOM!

Do you join PUGs? Is it weird being recognized when you do?

Depends on mood. Mostly kargon joins pug if kargon knows the quest. Even if party fails spectaculamarly, kargon only likes to party with strangers if kargon knows what was supposed to do. If it not work out that way, trainwrecks can be fun too.

If kargon not solo’d a quest before kargon not likely to join pug for it.

Is always fun when recognized. usually 1 person in every 2-3 groups recognizames (or admits to recognizaming, anyway).

When you are all-the-way built out, fully TR’d and Epic TR’d and geared, what will you be?

Kargon current plan are to get Heroic and Epic Completionist, to go back to barbarian, and take only past life active feats. Preferably ones that Rage disables. Then rage and watch it all turn off. Kargon anticipate something crazy will happen.

If we were going to get a “Classic” DDO server, what version of DDO would you most enjoy replaying?

Kargon have good memories of Duo’ing VON6 and Demon Queen when they were the highest level raid at the time.

If we all had to remember you by one quote, what would it be?

Kargon Tasty Ham belong to Kargon! Should mail it all to Kargon! Are a reason it have Kargon name on it!

Questions For Kargon’s player

Can we have your name or some way to reference you other than “Kargon’s player”?

Sure. “Kargon”


kargon lfh

When you are Kargon, looking for ham is Serious Business

How did you come up with Kargon? Is he based on anyone or anything in particular?

As far as the name, Kargon took Conan the Barbarian and decided liked names that started with K sound and end with N sound. after that plugged in random syllamables till something sounded right.

As far as being Kargon all the time, was just something kargon tried that got more fun as kargon went. Kargon only gets more interestaming as more things happen to Kargon. For instance, Kargon are DEFINITELY not a tinker toy warforged right now. Kargon just tricked into wearing cursed armor by Keensly and Henry. Cant take it off.

Are there downsides to being Kargon all the time?

That what alts for. Kargon not speak in kargon when playing alts.

Do you have other personae you use on other forums? Or is Kargon your only alter ego?

On forums? only Kargon. In game plenty of alts, though mostly only play Kargona at moment. Going very TR heavy on Kargon. 6 TRs of various flavors done so far.

How does it feel to have in-game references to your character, including in the 10th year anniversary party?

Was always one of the reasons Kargon will keep coming back to DDO. Kargon recognized by devs for contribut…contrabu… adding to game and Kargon appreciates it. Now Kargon just need to convince devs to improve Storm of Kargon barbarian auto build to be best build ever. And Kargon needs a club shaped like Tasty Ham – maybe a Broccoli Basher reskin. And a Ham Cannon great crossbow… looks like Kargon has more adding to game to do.

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  1. Must meet Kargon and ask him to get devs to creatamate my throwing dwarven ale mugs that cause the user to get drunk as he throws making his aim eventually hit teammates or anything else in the room!

  2. Niituna also find traps with face and foots, but Niituna not have ham named for her. Niituna want shrine to Kargon builded on ship so Niituna can worshamip Kargon and learn to be better barb. Person of Niituna want spell check to stop changing “Kargon” to “margin.” Niituna not like margin. Butter much better.

  3. Hey, there’s a guild whose name is a tribute to Kargon’s hams. And, we’ve had the pleasure of watching Kargon run, face first, in to Velah’s flaming breath. The League of Extraordinary Ham!

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t get a ham in the face when you asked for an action shot.

  5. Kargon wrong, everyone knows bestamest weapon is Garth’s Mineral II Khopesh. And I think Garth still owe you some tasty ham.

  6. Hmmm…

  7. Kargon take me away!

  8. In trackers trap the other day and I actually saw a pig on top of an exploding barrel, think it was a blessing from the Queen, needless to say my 10 year old had a great laugh when we said, “Ham rain” at the same time. Great interview, thank you Geoff, regards to Kargon.

    PS When they enable cross server email I will send ham to Kargon, is he on Khyber?

  9. How have I not heard of this guy?!

  10. Kargon is on Sarlona. All hail the king of ham

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