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There are a lot of forum threads declaiming zerging as bad (horrible and will ruin the game!), or good (the only way real players run!), but right now there is an interesting and unusual forum thread that is attempting to define zerging and why we call it that.

Some guildies have told me that since I reincarnated my main, I’ve turned into a zerger too. I’m not sure I completely agree, but this was my take on the forum thread:

  • Zerg means you don’t stop to break boxes
  • Zerg means you don’t complete optionals (unless they are on the way)
  • Zerg means heal and buff yourself, or better yet, don’t need any healing or buffing
  • Sometimes when you are zerging you also avoid fights and zoom past them but sometimes it just means you get to the fights in a hurry and at full run

And to the OP all I can say is yes the term seems to have evolved from the Starcraft tactic. I have no idea who used it first.

  • You can solo zerg
  • You can group zerg
  • You can fall behind a group that is zerging and they will complete the quest for you
  • If you fall behind on purpose you are “piking” and will draw player agro

It is hard to group zerg if you don’t know the quest. Someone has to, then everyone else can follow. If it is everyone’s first time then you probably are not zerging, you are probably playing stupid and dying.

  • Running ahead of the cleric on a quest where you will need heals is not zerging, it is stupid
  • Running ahead of buffers when you need a buff is not zerging, it is stupid
  • Running ahead and drawing more agro than you can handle or outrun is not zerging, it is stupid
  • Running through traps by accident is not zerging, it is stupid

Someone described Zerging as mindlessly running ahead, dying, recalling, and repeating till everything was dead. I suppose this would fit the Starcraft term better, but is not the DDO version of “zerging”. As addressed by GunboatDiplomat in his response:

If you die its not zerging, its wasting your time and being an idiot for biting off more than you can chew and not waiting for the group. I’ve done that more than once too

p.s. Yes, before you ask, I have done that more than once too 🙂

p.p.s. I am a zerger when I am on my XP-mongering Completionist.

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  1. well, _I_ found it interesting anyway o.0


  2. You know my take. Max xp per quest, but blistering fast. Having a designated ransacker/optional completer makes it just as fast as blowing past easy xp.

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