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I logged in Saturday morning for a little alone time with Luedwig while my usual quest pairing was out of town for a softball tourney. Another guildy was there before me and as he puttered around at level-6 I continued to putter about my level-2 elites in the harbor. As I stepped out of Stealthy Repossession and began to ponder my reward for a deed well done I made comment upon my culinary expertise(um, yeah). I was rudely interrupted by the following image:

How unfair! How unjust! Here, in a demonstration of his commitment to NPCs, their stories and the lives they live, Luedwig has just completed one of the more avoided quests in the game and is looking at an end reward list with at best something +3 Strength. To be fair, if Dodo here actually had these items to give me as an end reward he should probably have put a party together and run the phuaxing task himself. ie. sell the list and any other crap he has laying about then exchange the profits for a couple invisies. It’s not all bad; I’m grateful that he put such faith…trust? in my abilities. Sorry, I’m getting distracted, off the point.

Coming back to the path I meant to remain; Please compare my rewards for this good deed with the reward of that fellow over there in House Deneith who, please note, is running a REPEAT on Hard and looting a free WHY IS IT EVEN THERE chest in the middle of the corridor. Keep in mind that for someone LIVING in the world in which we “play” repeats DO NOT even EXIST!

Of the stones Cor could have pulled, I will admit that it was appropriate he pull this one(NOT as appropriate as an Ioun tale of Geoff’s own post in the not too distant past but still, it fits). The day before we had been discussing in guild chat the idea of finding time between our TR commitments to visit the Temple of Deathwyrm. That afternoon I had just re-absorbed DDOCast 336 with host Patrick and excellent guest Voodu as they gave us the Overview-rundown for the raid. The what to expect when and where of it all. Very nice! Well, as I discussed certain aspects of the raid with the guildies I also wandered into the question of absorption items and how to deal with stacking damage. For those of you who might be wondering about this, Patrick and Voodu address this very nicely at the end of the show. Especially in respect to tanking the Stormreaver in the Fall of Truth.

SO MANY LOOSE ENDS! click on the pic to read the dialogue. You may find it more entertaining than anything I’ve actually posted πŸ˜‰ Keep in mind that through all of this, Luedwig is known to run with a very full inventory(a future post here) and that a certain guildy finds great entertainment in getting to chests ahead of said dwarf to reassign baubles, gems, components, stacks of 20 expendables etc etc. Luedwig, on a number of occasions has had to lurch to a looting stop to call back a certain chest burster to reconsider his hurried reassigns. Now stop to consider what might have happened at that chest in House Deneith had I not been cooking, drinking my morning coffee and enjoying my alone time! Waiiit a minute. I have mail. Gotta go…….

Isn’t it amazing how often these Ioun stones drop in low level vs. high level chests? or is that just my experience? I’ve pulled perhaps four, maybe five in my career and none have ever come from a quest >level-6. Inspiration quarter? Yeah but that’s not “random” per say. Heck, again off topic but almost related; I pulled my only Luck Blade Level-8(with slots) from the Orc Shamen rare out in Ceruelean Hills. That was a spark of fun. πŸ™‚

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  1. Yeah, I think I have only pulled one or two Ioun stones and they were from only lower level quests…still never pulled a luck blade myself.

    • Regarding the Luck Blade; it may be a race-related issue so checkout my response to Geoff’s response below ;-). I know that I auctioned a Str? stone years ago. No idea what it fetched. Still have two Dex, a Wisdom and two Bluffy-Listens in my bank somewhere. No plans to un-suppress any of them so if you or anyone on Thelanis might be interested let me know.

  2. I’ve pulled a disproportionate number in low level quests, vs high level quests, come to think of it … I’m not sure I’ve ever pulled any in high level quests, not even IQ…

    • My mind can’t help but conjure an image from somewhere where a dev has actually stated that Ioun stones were meant to be low level special drops but I’m too lazy to try and track it all down. Isn’t that why we have Geoff? Thoroughness and links!? πŸ˜‰ Besides, I’m a Crack a’dawn Ddo junkie and I need to log in to help poor Luedwig shop around Stormreach for a new Level-8 to replace a banked 7 that he seems unwilling to actually use.

      • Well there are the quite low minimum level requirements, even for the unsuppressed stone… I remember reading someone just randomly selected those MLs.

  3. No luck blade for me either

    • Mmmm yeah. About that Geoff, it may be a Halfling thing. I remember seeing an old poster somewhere in the harbour, before the harbour revamp that suggested you had to be; “…this tall to ride the Luck Blade!” πŸ˜‰

  4. My youngest son pulled an ioun stone from cold side Korthos Island on his first character ever. He didn’t even know it was rare. He equipped it without saying a word and I flipped out when I saw it circling his head.

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