Dec 302013

Evil and also Bad
She looks very Eeeevil. But up to now she’s really just been bad

Last week I mentioned that my Gamer Girl had never beaten Velah the Red Dragon at any level or difficulty.

Last weekend I appeared on DDOCast episode 317 where we were discussing the various weapon systems in the game.

These two seemingly-unrelated items came to an unexpected point as we were discussing Calomel weapons. I mentioned how useful they were specifically versus Velah, and my cast compatriots were quick to point out how useful my Gamer Girl would find a Calomel weapon in her dragonslaying quest.

Something that for whatever reason completely failed to occur to me. They were right! She needs a Calomel weapon, and stat!

So now I have three things on my New Years To Do list, all of which I have to accomplish on those rare occasions when I am playing solo because when we are both playing, we are earning XP and that is simply that:

  1. Re-learn how to defeat Velah on Heroic Elite
  2. Re-build my failed experiment at an Evil Favored Soul into something useful to accompany my Gamer Girl’s excellent Rogue on the dragonslaying quest
  3. Build a Calomel Rapier

Of the three, the hardest to get right will be re-building my favored soul. I tried to make her work as a caster-focused Favored Soul that only cast Necromancy spells but too much of her total capability was bound up in the Inflict Wounds series of spells. They are all Touch range which is tough for a caster-centered build (too close to the enemy!), they are not mana-efficient, and worst of all, they allow a saving throw for half damage.

Getting her the Witching Hour staff helped, but not enough to make her useful. Adding the Enlarge feat helped with the range, but not much, and certainly not enough. She looked great, still does in fact, but her playing just sucked.

I’ve only ever had two failed builds, and they were both Favored Souls (here is the other one). I am sure this means something. I am not sure what.

And so, off to House Cannith I go to build a Calomel Rapier. Since it is for my Gamer Girl, it will have to be Tier 3, so I will be here for awhile. Then it will be back to the character designer for Diabola the Favored Soul, finally followed by four VON flagging quests.

That is quite an ambitious list considering how little time I spend soloing.

Best get on it, those challenges ain’t gonna complete themselves.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Not to be a bummer, but how do you plan to give your lady a house C weapon? Unless you are soloing on her account?

    • Because neither I nor Shamgar nor Steiner-Davion remembered that they bind. 🙁

      • That’s not entirely true, I remembered they bind, I just didnt mention it when we were having this specific conversation 😉

        • Reading this I was thinking similar things…

          I have never bothered with Cala … Calo … Caramel-something weapons as in the past there was always Greater Dragon Bane! (Or some combination of frost, holy, etc) But perhaps you should get a guild challenge effort together.

  2. Caramel weapons? They sound tasty, especially with some chocolate…but what about durability? Can’t be much good against fire enemies…

    Oh, wait… 😉

  3. Good luck on the triple conquest!

    About the FvS build, i have to agree that a necro FvS is not a good idea. It’s too short on spells and enhencements. You’d better go cleric if you want necro casting (Divine Disciple is the enhencement tree to go with).
    For a FvS i’d suggest to either go caster (evocation) or melee. Plan it and follow the plan!
    For caster you mainly take Angel of Vengeance enhencements, for melee mainly Warpriest.
    If you are going for a caster build (Wis+Cha+Con stats), the real fun starts at level Blade Barrier. Untill that use a weapon to smack the mobs after you commanded them (or let Gamer Girl kill them!)
    For the melee build (Str+Con+Wis stats) you take buffs and cure/heal spells to mitigate incoming damage and spur up outgoing damage.

    Hope this little bit of info helps you to build a FvS that works for you. I surely enjoy mine (evocation caster)!

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