Oct 042011
This would help!

For several weeks, I’ve been playing a variety of my characters, some epic, some ToD, some completionist XP-grinding, some of this, some of that …

You may have noticed a lot of “somes” in that last sentence. That has become an issue, trying to work on all of my goals at once is preventing me from making much progress on any of them.

I know, a list! Lists always help everything, right?

  • Beatifica, a healing-focused FvS, wants to level up and prove her build concept at higher levels
  • Brymn, a capped fighting cleric (but not a battlecleric!) is short on immediate goals but ToD rings are needed, sort of, if there is nothing else to do
  • Chelena, my tank and STR-based THF, is progressing through her second life. She needs to to cap and resume the Epic item chase
  • Coin the capped hagglebot sorceror is focusing on Cannith crafting levels and to a lesser extent, acquiring ToD boot ingredients. Also and especially, anything that may result in a profit
  • Ejecta is the new kid, a CC archmage. She needs to be capped before I can TR Sparksy
  • Exterminate, the multi-splashed paladin THF DPS WF: He wants to level up too and prove his build concept at higher levels
  • Knicker, a capped TWF DPS barbarian, needs to increase HP and DPS and expects to do this with ToD rings (she has none) and the Epic item chase
  • Mawry, my TWF dex-based completionist-in-progress is on the endless XP grind
  • Oriental, light monk/wizard, would like the frenzied berzerker ToD ring to complement her existing Shintao set. She likes Epics too, especially Devil Assault. She gets extra playing time even without a goal just because she is so fun to play
  • Sparksy, my original cc archmage, is preparing to TR into an Artificer

This doesn’t include the characters that I have on other servers who need occasional attention (Child the drow assassin on Khyber, Pantera the elven arcane archer and Roland the dwarven TWF warhammer kensai on Cannith, etc) or the four that I keep at specific levels on purpose (Cutlass-STR TWF rogue/pally at 4th, Diabolica-evil FvS at 8th, Evangelyne-mechanic at 12th, Rancyd-spellsinger at 16th).

That is about 20 characters, each one fun to play, yet different in some critical way from the others. Over the years, I’ve wanted to try out various classes and capabilities and before Reincarnation there was no other way to do it. Now I am stuck, sort of, all of these characters are alive (in a manner of speaking), they all have backstories and history and growth plans. I could never delete one, I love them all!

But I can’t play them all.

I have a demanding job and a life outside the game. I just can’t keep up with it.

My girlfriend noticed that I was exhibiting a bit of frustration and suggested that I pick one or two goals – only! – and focus on them just to see if it helped. After some thought, I chose Mawry’s completionism and Ejecta’s need to cap out and become the replacement wizard. In the two or three weeks since, I’ve run Ejecta up to 16 and taken Mawry from high 16 to low 18.

They are now competing over the same quests. I could have capped Ejecta last weekend if I had focused on her alone, but with Turbine offering a +20% XP bonus, the completionist gained a priority level and ate up most of the playtime. But still, eight levels on Ejecta without really trying. In addition to two very expensive levels on Mawry.

Progress! Noticeable, tangible, verifiable, progress!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. And here I thought the opposite of “progress” was “congress”…

  2. Ah but in congress there are about two dozen mains and then 440 or so alts. Congress is full of altitis too.

  3. Man, do I feel your pain. I’m trying to cap Jall, get Even and Jall some cool gear, level up Victaurya and Acanthia, and still find playing time for my other toons… no wonder I’m feeling frazzled when someone says, “Why aren’t you using this? Don’t you have a doohickey yet? You should get such-and-such!”

    It’s starting to take a lot of fun out of the game, TBH. I enjoyed DDO a lot more when I could just run around and kill stuff and not worry about the whys and wherefores.

  4. Pick one or two goals. Just one or two. Do only that for a week or two. See what happens?

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