Jun 172016

Setting the scene: Haunted Halls, Thursday night, a band of adventurers hitting all the optionals and side paths.

Suddenly a wild Doppleganger appears. As expected, the Doppleganger turns and beats on a statue of trappy lightning, trying to get the statue’s inner electricity to kill its opponents.

The adventurers attack! Instantly – and I mean instantly, within the first second of the attack – there is an explosion. Everything turns white. When our vision returns, the Doppleganger is gone, and so are about half of the statues.

So far, so good, this is normal, except for the incredible speed at which the explosion took place. Normally we have to beat on the Doppleganger for awhile, sometimes quite awhile, but not tonight. Maybe we just have amazing DPS? It seemed weird.

We quickly learn that something else is weird too. The Doppleganger is really gone. NOT hiding itself by appearing as one of the statues. Gone. Nowhere to be found.


Just to be thorough we beat on and eventually destroy all of the remaining statues. No Doppleganger.

This is clearly a bug, and a terminal one at that. The Doppleganger fight drops the sigil we need to open the last chamber; without the sigil we will be unable to advance the quest.

Geek Mom files a GM ticket, and we talk to pass the time while waiting.

Half of our group ran this exact quest Tuesday night and had no issues at all. Doppleganger behaved, sigils were acquired, end fight fought, win. Easy peasy.

The other half of the group ran the Haunted Halls Wednesday night but ran into a similar issue. No Doppleganger at all. Picking up the sigil caused it – and the Doppleganger – to vanish and never return.


Impatient, we give up waiting for the GM and decide to just start over, except this time on a speed run. No optionals. Within moments we are back in the lightning statue hallway. But this time there is no Doppleganger at all. No sigil. Nothing. Just statues.


Nowhere to be found
Nowhere to be found


Weird again. And weirdly, different.

That means on four consecutive runs, we observed four different behaviors:

  • Doppleganger and sigil appear. Doppleganger battles us – in two phases, as he/she/it is supposed to do, and the sigil appears at the end of the battles
  • Doppleganger and sigil appear. Both disappear when the sigil is touched and never come back
  • Doppleganger and sigil appear. Everything explodes as soon as the fighting starts. Doppleganger and sigil are gone and never come back.
  • Doppleganger and sigil do not appear at all.

See? Weirdly different.

Meanwhile, back at the quest, the GM appears while we are examining the room for a second time. How convenient, seeing as how we are again stuck in the same place, for the same reason. It has been 12 minutes since we first filed a ticket; not bad, really, 12 minutes is an acceptable delay.

The GM is jovial and helpful and even provides us with bonus chests for our trouble. I didn’t know GMs could just arbitrarily spawn chests! But yes they can. The chests did not appear anywhere normal, just piled up against a wall in the middle of the hallway, spun out of nothingness by GM fiat.



Compensatory Damages
Compensatory damages


And so our brave heroes work through the remainder of the quest, avoiding optionals and side paths, but also without further technical issue. My Mandatory Healer has a new strategy for the Helmed Horrors where I Intimidate them and then kite them through a Blade Barrier to hold their agro. Everyone else is free to pound on Whisper without incident. It is super-effective.

Inevitably, victory.


Inevitable victory
And inevitably, someone must sit in the throne for screenshots


An interesting evening, interrupted. But rescued by the timely and appropriate actions of +Sparker+. Thank you +Sparker+!

Now ladies and gentlemen of Turbine, perhaps a more permanent fix to this is in order?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I was happy that we got +Sparker+ at the perfect moment on that second run. It was getting close to Pink’s bedtime. She loved the quest. I just would like to run the long version with her without it bugging. I just love how if you quest with her, you never end up alone. She follows you everywhere so she can attack.

  2. Unfortunately the doppleganger bug has been with us for a while – we’ve had relatively good experiences with GM’s appearing and being able to resolve things (but never got extra loot …. so that’s a new twist). But ingame support isn’t 24/7 (In-game Support is available 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM EST). Given this is a show-stopper bug and not something we can work around, and given this is an excellent quest narrated by the bearded raconteur himself, I’d say fixing it should be bumped up the priority list ahead of things like a crafting revamp.

  3. They used to say they couldn’t spawn chests…

  4. I think I read once that Cordo said the dopplegqnger bug is affecting only one of the difficulty levels, oddly enough.

  5. I might be mistaken, but if I remember Tuesday correctly, bosses were going down much quicker than normal or should I say quicker than Hard. Were we running on normal?

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