Aug 062014

DDO in miniatureIf a miniature hamburger is called a “slider”, what do you call a miniature DDO? A grinder? *

In this case, we call it MS Surface Pro running DDO. Looks nice too! The wife has issues playing it, too accustomed to larger keyboard and space. Didn’t keep her from being happy as she realized she would never again have to miss a Daily Die Roll.

Besides, the hotbars work with the touch screen and this is totally do-able. Not just Daily Die, everything.

Totally. Do-able.

Portable DDO, available wherever and whenever you may be, anywhere you can get a wifi signal. Except driving. Damn, this is STILL not a solution to my 90 minute commute. Come on Google cars, get here! Soon! How else am I gonna play some DDO on the way into work?

Some very small DDO. Portable. Miniature.

It’s like the DDO you’d expect to find in Lichtenstein or Andorra or one of those other tiny countries. Fully featured, teeny-weeny fit.

MicroDDO. A DDO-ette. Or en Espanol, la DDOita.

The phrase DDO hors’dourvre would probably sound the best but it doesn’t look right when typed. Silly French and their silly non-phonetic spelling. So let’s Anglicize it: ordurve. Now there, we can call it the DDOrdurve. With a side order of portable mouse and touch cover keyboard.

Now that is a snack I can really get behind. Yum!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

* This will be funnier if you know that “grinder” means repetitive runs through the same content, but is also a regional term for a type of sandwich. Or maybe it won’t be funnier. Still, a guy has to have hope, right? **

** Having to explain the joke is meant to be funny too. But explicitly so; no smoke and mirrors, just in-your-face irony. It’s that being full of hope thing again. ***

*** Have you laughed yet? Smiled? At least smirked a little? Best get to it; I can keep doing this all day.

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  1. I was thinking about this myself. Two questions:
    1. Which version of the Surface Pro?
    2. How playable is it?

    • 1. The original Pro. Pro 0 I guess.
      2. Depends on your opinion and habits. I am fine. My wife is not going to do anything other than the Daily Dice.

      • Oh, sure – HERE you (correctly, as you do [virtually] roll percentile, which is usually two, not one, though I actually do have a [somewhat large] single percentile) say “dice”, but in the post? *shakes head*

  2. I used to play DDO on an old HP TC1100, before they did that change where anyone who’s not using SSD technology needs to use the pre-loader thingee, it didn’t have enough RAM to utilise that utility… Still, a bloody nice tablet, need to find a new one (or get it more RAM and SSD!)…

    (I find it amusing that ‘Mericans Anglicise things with a Z)

  3. /tongue in cheek:
    “How else am I gonna play some DDO on the way into work?”

    #1. Move closer to work.

    #2. Get a helicopter.

    #3. Work from home.

    All I can think of at the moment! Keep up the great work! :P! πŸ™‚ !:D!

  4. I’m not sure what I’d do if I ever had to commute 90min to work… I think the longest I’ve ever “commuted” was 120min, but that was an exceptional circumstance, and they paid for my fuel. =)

    How come the game doesn’t fill the whole display?

  5. I generally haven’t gotten into the tablet or smart phone thing quite yet. I primarily use my tablet for reading books and for the occasional web surfing when I’m away from home. But this looks pretty cool and interesting, would keep me from dragging my computer with me when I have to go out of town for

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