Jan 302015

Monster champions, added in Update 24, have certainly changed the game at all levels. Unexpected difficulties, bad guys with endless hit points or that can one-hit kill you, one has to pay more attention now. And this is a good thing.

Plus they’ve brought treasure. Sometimes, lots and lots of treasure. And this is largely a good thing too. And they’ve brought a new collectible too. But mainly, they’ve brought variety.

There are some odd side-effects though. Like this one:

All Hail the Rat King
All Hail the Rat King!

Very tiny, and not even selectable, this rat was wandering the sewers beneath Wheloon, minding it’s own business, when suddenly, CROWN! appears with all the attendant publicity and hubbub.

He’s not even selectable, just a bit of decoration, ambling about. But apparently he is very good at unselectable ambling, in fact he is a Champion ambler! All hail the King!

Later in the same quest, we would meet another Rat Champion. But this one was not quite so fortunate, this one could be selected.

Rodent Regicide
Treva has no tolerance for Rat Kings. Or maybe she just wants another Remnant.

And shortly thereafter, killed. Royal assassination! All for the tiny, tiny chance that he might carry a Mysterious Remnant. Which, it turned out, he was, enough for everyone in the party, although no one will ever figure out where he might have been carrying them.

Update 24!
Tiny rodent champions!
Ratty regicide!

Haiku headlines tell the tale.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. He must be a marsupial rat. I like to imagine he’s got very tiny pockets lined with bags of holding. You know, for rat stuff.

  2. ..tiny little +1 thieves’ tools for mouse traps, a potion of cat’s kill, some cryptmoss worm larvae, Mrs. Brisby’s phone number.. ya know, rat stuff.

  3. Another classic post.

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