Jul 222016

monstrous humanoid


Critics felt this follow up to their debut – “Monstrous Humanoid” – lacked the same depth and soul. “Too serious”, said one, “insufficiently monstrous”, said others.

Whatever, I thought their 30 minute jam “Forest Hag” was worth the price of the album all by itself.

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  1. I always felt “Forest Hag” was a touch unpolished, as though they didn’t want – or, understandably, couldn’t be bothered – to re-record certain parts. Having said that, it’s still on my playlist to this day.

    But the real gem, at least for me, was that if you flipped it to the “B” side, set the turntable to 33 1/3, put a tiny dot of KY Jelly on the grooves, and played it in reverse in time with the first “Aww, Yeah” from Debbie Does Delaware, you are gifted with an absolutely screeching harpy-like cacophony that has nothing whatsoever to do with the film.

    Which was trash to begin with. Debbie Does Deneith is far superior. Peyton Plays Phiarlan, better than that.


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