May 252015

Aithas the Dour

Aithas the dour
Description: Rarely Cracking a Smile Aithas is all Business
level 11 sorc

Sounds just like the guy I want to go into a life and death experience with!!

Upon being summoned:
Now that i see this place i am starting to regret doing this

If you are sure

Well All Right

As you command

i dont want to die!!! Help!! (then he pulls out a pot!!)

Well i saw that one coming (as he died)

Dying is no fun but at least its not permanent (as being rezzed)

Its the end for me

Back into the fray then

I have always enjoyed the NPC conversational aspect of this game….really somebody thought of this…wonder how many sticky notes it took!

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  1. I like you’re perspective. More sticky notes or maybe fridge magnets? Then make us guess who’s on cool-down Inside the fridge? Lol

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