Apr 162013

The DDO Compendium is going away, and like much of the other DDO-related web presence, will not be replaced. I am rewriting and transferring some of the references that I created from the Compendium to this site while I can. These articles refer to older quests, but I still use the information, sporadically, while re-leveling my TR characters.

Zawabi the Djinn requires three items to unlock the Demon Queen pre-raid quest Against the Demon Queen. Note that the items must only be gathered once per character life: as of mod9 it is no longer necessary to reacquire them for each raid run.

Blessed Blood Offering

This collectible is available on completion of the quest An Offering of Blood.

Blessed Blood Offering

Orb of the Djinn

Acquiring the collectible item:

  1. Complete the quest Chains of Flame
  2. Acquire the Orb of the Efreet (in the same room as the quest end fight)
  3. Talk to NPC Jaefan Druz and exchange the Efreet orb for the Djinn orb

Ord of the Djinn

Phylactery of Raiyum

This collectible is available on completion of the quest The Chamber of Raiyum.

Phylactery of Raiyum

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