Mar 272011

When I realized I was putting a tier 3 epic ring in the bank “just in case”, it occurred to me that maybe this is a good time to stop pounding the Crystal Cove and take stock of what I’ve already made.

  • Sparksy: dagger, hat
  • Coin: ring, hat, trinket
  • Brymn: hat
  • Oriental: gloves, hat, trinket
  • Knicker: ring, hat
  • Child (only 18th level but someday she will cap): spyglass, ring, trinket, hat
  • Chelena (TR on level 6 but will be back to cap someday): maul, hat, trinket
  • Mawry (completionist on life 4 may be years from playing at cap again but… ): leathers, short sword, ring, hat, spyglass
  • Cutlass (permanently level 4 but he was always a pirate and now gets to look even more piratical): hat, trinket
  • Pantera: (experiment on Cannith rarely gets played but even she deserves some love now and then): hat, trinket
  • For no one at all, just in case: the aforementioned ring

Not to mention a great big pile of elemental gems, jolly roger bombs, and (especially) greater sea fogs, more than anyone could ever use.

In retrospect, I may have gotten a little carried away. Just a little.

Mean Girls with Hats
Did I mention the hats?

Most interestingly, three different characters earned levels running this, including Coin Serf, my “Hagglebot with benefits”, who capped!

Good times.

Now, bring on update 9!

🙂 😀 🙂

What do you think?

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