Jun 122010

I am finally on a machine capable of running Lamannia without first uninstalling regular DDO. Took all day to d/l the files, and then all day again to have the launcher get later versions (Update your link Tolero! Why did I have to do that twice!?), but I have defeated all resistance and am in the game.

Better, with 30 minutes of Lamannia playtime under my belt, I am now an expert!

I can report that my TWF tempest I RGR/ROG/MNK (1) runs better, (2) has less flashy weapons, (3) fights in a manner that is (at least visually) comparable to before, (4) jumps differently for no apparent reason, and (5) falls with more style.

I can also tell you she gained 85 guild renown (6) while slaying about 80 creatures in the Vale (7), in a driving rainstorm (8) and got a nice piece of guild-powered loot after only four chests (9).

  1. The new halfling female run animation is a vast improvement. I don’t know why it made it to the top of the animation queue but I am glad it did. Rating: πŸ™‚
  2. Someone has already reported that greensteel weapon icons have all lost their gradients (in my case that is mineral, lightning, radiance and vacuum).Β  But in addition, weapons that are not “burst” no longer have particle clouds. I’ve always thought the weapons looked better without the glowy particle clouds – and I still do. Thanks to Coldin for pointing out that this is not a bug and is mentioned in the Lamannia release notes.Β  Rating: πŸ™‚ for the cloud change but πŸ™ for the icon gradient bug
  3. I put a paralyzer in my offhand and it still goes off frequently, hard to say if it is as often as it had been before, but the combat felt like it does on the live game. Too many people are doing the DPS math for me to attempt it too … but the feel is okay. One observable difference: when fighting multiple opponents but nothing in the focus orb, I occasionally paralyzed the opponent on the right… I don’t think this ever happens in the live version, it is always the opponent on the left. In one fight I paralyzed them both. Finally, she was just as dominant soloing in the vale @ level16 as she is on live. Overall rating: 😐
  4. I don’t understand the jump change. It still requires that you press jump a step before you actually see a jump happen, it doesn’t feel faster or more responsive at all. This seems to be different for the sake of being different. Since this was advertised as solving a problem that it does not, I am rating this a sad face πŸ™
  5. Similarly, although I like the new falling animation better, I don’t understand the need for it. But it is cool 😎
  6. The renown just appeared while killing bad guys, I am guessing that this is in lieu of loot bags, instead of being in a bag you just get it but with the same frequency and value range. I got 15 once, 50 once, and 5 four times. Killing rares did not give me any, but I only got four so that observation does not count. It is interesting to confirm that you do not have to be in a quest at all to earn renown. Rating: πŸ™‚
  7. I killed about 80 Lamannians. That is about a one-death-per-one-renown ratio: I wonder if that is a coincidence? πŸ™‚
  8. I play a lot on a laptop where I’ve had to dial back some of the effects, so maybe I just missed it, but I don’t recall rainstorms before. Rain, yes, but this was a driving rain, with thunder and lightning. It was way cool. If this was in the game before, I’m glad I finally got to see it. If this is new, big big win IMHO πŸ˜€
  9. In only four chests I pulled a guild effect item (Fire Guard outfit of Heavy Fort with a tiny slot, ML12, Guild ML10). I am not usually lucky but maybe this is an exception? πŸ™‚

What do you think?

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