Oct 112009

My family got me the most unusual gift this year. It is a fully-articulated 11-1/2″ action figure … of ME!

Really. Me.

It looks eerily like me. Except that it is in much better shape! And has a weird hair thing going on … but the face is spot on. Apparently there are vendors that can map pictures of your head into 3D plastic, suitable for use on an action figure.

I need a better camera to really do it justice, but still, I had to use it as my avatar. Had to.

Mini-Me and Xena
I think my wife’s Xena the Warrior Princess doll is into me.

They got me two outfits, a Jedi and a fantasy warrior. Not that I want to play dress up with my new doll, it doesn’t count as “playing with dolls” when it is a doll of you, right?


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  1. that is soo cool and yet soo creepy

  2. Exactly!!

  3. lol what an awesome gift!

  4. Hahaha,

    When I saw your avatar pic, I thought it was you in costume or something. Not that I’ve ever seen a picture of you to compare it to. :p

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