Acquisition Day

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Apr 062012

Kennie the Red

Kennie, Coin and Lahar the Epic Vendor
sharing Acquisition Day stories

Yesterday was quite a day. It started with the surprising acquisition of two items I had been seeking for several months, and ended by assisting someone else complete an acquisition that they had been working for a couple of years. There was even a particularly tasty bit of stupid sandwiched in there too.

Acquisition Day Part One: The left hand DOES know what the right is doing

Tower of Despair is going well. During the final fight I am assigned trash duties and I am the terror of all Orthon-kind, Fingering and PKing and occasionally Wailing and they don’t stand a chance. I imagine that Pale Masters get this all the time but Ejecta is an Archmage and usually is obstructed by monsters making saves against her instant-kill spells. But not today, no, today is a good day, and they all fall.

When the raid chest loot appears on my screen it is almost like a physical shock: Rahkir’s Ring. It is entirely unexpected that I would get it before my 20th completion, or that it would appear in my chest loot at all.

For some unknowable period of time I am lost in my own mind over the bewildering appearance of the ring I wanted. I stare at the screen uncomprehending. I don’t even have to roll for it, it is in my own loot list. Yes, there it is. Truly. How strange and surprising.

Eventually, awareness of my surroundings returns, and I see that someone else is offering Verik’s Ring for roll of a d222. That is one of the four candidate rings I have been seeking to provide Exceptional Constitution. I roll. I win.

And there, all at once, a nice ToD run turns into a joyous double ring festival, and Ejecta has defeated the Tower of Despair once and for all. Flawless Victory.

Acquisition Day Part Two: Stupid is as stupid does

I am in a rush to craft up my two new ToD rings. One will have Exceptional Intelligence +1 and +2 and the other Exceptional Constitution +1 and +2. But I have no Greater Shards of Power. Off to the Shroud!

I am generally the guy who completes the Shroud, not the guy who leaves early and re-runs, but today is different, today has unexpectedly become Acquisition Day and I am in a hurry. The first run is unsuccessful, clean and quick but no Shard.

The second run is also clean and quick and turns up the first Greater Shard of Power.

The third run does the trick and soon I am facing the Altar of Subjugation with all necessary ingredients at hand. I<Alt><Tab> between the game and DDOWiki’s excellent crafting guide. Shuffle shuffle shuffle, click click click, and before long I have two imbued shards ready to apply to my new rings. But first a double-check … uh oh that doesn’t seem right … Oh.

I’ve made the wrong shards. They are DEX and WIS, not INT and CON. A quick moment of panic as I realize I was seconds away from applying these to my rings and ruining them forever (GASP!) but relief as I did not do that and my rings are safe. I’m going to have to wait three days to finish them now, as I completed the Shroud on the third run, but compared to the effort that it took to acquire the rings, three days is nothing.

It is still a good day. Very good.

The End of Acquisition Day: Vicarious joy is still joy

The forum marketplace can be a good place to help with difficult acquisitions. It used to be furiously busy, not so much anymore. I suspect it is because you can craft most anything you want now, and most everything else is bound and can’t be traded. But who knows. I still lurk there now and then and every so often it remains helpful.

One forum member had a thread going trying to accumulate enough Flawless Red Dragon Scales to make armor. He (she?) had been at it for some time and was down to the last scale but wasn’t getting any bites.

His (her?) trade list had two epic scrolls I could use, neither valuable, even when put together they are not worth a red scale, but I could use them (one is a Project Ejecta component) and besides it was the last scale this person needed. No way to put a value on that. So I offered the trade.

This was several days ago. The other person agreed but for one reason or another we were not able to get online at the same time. That is, until yesterday, Acquisition Day, where of course everything fell into place smoothly and the trade was consummated.

He was so excited! Turns out he’s another six-year player and in all that time he’d never built red scale armor. He had been gradually accumulating the scales for years; yesterday was the culmination of a very long effort. In other words, it was Acquisition Day for him too!

I followed him to the Epic Altar. My trader Coin was going to make something epic also (using one of the two scrolls naturally), but mainly I wanted to see how the red scale armor story finished out.

So excited. The character, Kennie, posed and linked his (her?) new armor, very pleased, so much so that it came through the text interface and made me happy too. Not that it would take much to make me happy, it was after all Acquisition Day.

You go Kennie. Happy Acquisition Day to you too!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I am a six year player and i haven’t made a red suit either. 🙁

    Thought about it. But xp waits for no one. And eVon takes time from leveling.

  2. Wonderful! Days like that are hard to come by. I do hope when I actually begin attempting to acquire ToD and Epic gear that I get a few of those days as well. The good thing is that I am patient and not in any hurry to become super-uber elite owner of multiple toons of whirling death.

  3. Happy Acquisition Day! I got my L15 first-life barb flagged for Shroud yesterday, so it was a bit of an Acquisition Day of my own. He had previously done Dust and Coal at 14, with an L13 bard and a couple of hirelings and on casual, and we both got pie pieces for both quests, which isn’t all that common on Casual. But now the two of us were leveled up, and we did the other three with a couple guildie’s of the bard’s plus a couple of puggers – one zerging barb, one cleric for Devils who left because he was worried about his precious BB streak (he’d already done Devils), and replaced with another cleric who’d been away from the game for over a year. But despite the zerging barb and the semi-zerging ranger guildie and his own rustiness, he managed to keep everyone healed through RitSac and Rainbow, and we all got our Trivial Pursuit wedges since we went in on Normal (no way in hell were we gonna try Elite for the first cleric’s streak, with an L14 squishy bard, an L16 squishy arti, an L16 zerging frenzying barb, and the rest being L15… we just wanted the completion LOL)

    So, got three more pieces of pie, completed the Shavarath Trivia Pursuit piece, and started towards Home… now I just need to acquire a group that’ll take an L15 barbarian into Shroud *g*

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