Sep 012010

My wizard/monk Oriental Adventures took her 12th Monk level the other day. She already had eight Wizard levels: This means a few things:

  1. One more character for Epics
  2. One more character I may TR
  3. Abundant Step

I am definitely the most jazzed about item 3.

Oriental is my first and only character to have Abundant Step. I once had a Favored Soul hit level 17 for about ten minutes before I reincarnated her again but really this is the first chance I’ve had to explore the capabilities that Abundant Step/FvS wings provide.

i.e. my own personal jetpack!

One minute I am fighting over here, then suddenly *whoosh*zoom* and I am fighting way over there!

I can lead the group – every time! Even when I am trailing, *whoosh*zoom* I am caught up instantly.

I can go places I have never been and *whoosh*zoom* reach everything!

I am having so much fun with it that it is becoming a source of amusement to some of my guildies. So I decided to do some rational analysis of the feature rather than continuing the undisciplined joyousness I had been experiencing.

I made a list. One of those Pros and Cons lists, where you put all the good things about something on one side and all the bad things on the other to help you figure out how you really feel about it. Here’s my list:

    Good things about Abundant Step


    Bad things about Abundant Step


That pretty much settles it for me. I love Abundant Step. Now if only I had more Ki …

πŸ™‚ – πŸ™‚ – πŸ™‚ – πŸ™‚ – πŸ™‚

  3 Responses to “Abundant step? no … try AWESOME step”

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  1. it’s SO much fun, I love that move. Try running around gianthold with it, there are huge areas you can fly to that no-one else can get to. (even a rather well hidden rare.)

  2. Awesome Step is Awesome. I just got to level 12 Monk (+2 Rogue) and I love it. I agree, though… now I need more Ki!

  3. I am running around EVERYWHERE with it! No place is safe from monk/wizard with jetpack!

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