Jan 142014

Chaotic Stick Is Chaotic
Ejecta Patera modeling a new-found quarterstaff that is both wild AND crazy

Random loot is fascinating; one is able to find so many obscure and seemingly off-the-wall combinations. Some of them have been retired due to changes in the loot generation algorithm (good bye, Dwaven Axe of Dwarf Bane, RR Dwarf). Others have been at restricted – to at least some extent – by popular demand (Ghostbane!).

Yet hidden gems remain. Like this. An Anarchic Staff of Anarchic Burst. This would not have been a possible combination prior to the latest loot generator changes, unless I am misremembering, as I think Anarchic and Anarchic Burst were both prefixes up until Update 19. Impossible even then, as Anarchic Burst (like all the Burst effects) was deprecated until being resurrected in Update 20 patch 1 as a suffix.

But possible now. And not only possible, here one is, doubly pink, embodying the essence of chaos, a truly wild and crazy stick.

Let’s look in greater detail:

Anarchic of Anarchic Burst
See? Wild AND crazy

Anarchic IV appears to mean that the staff will do 4D4 damage to everything that is not Chaotic: this would be a change from previous versions of the Anarchic prefix, which did no damage to Neutral opponents.

On the other hand, the description for Anarchic Burst specifics that it is effective versus only Lawful targets. Lots of weapons are special purpose, excelling in some situations and failing in others. This one is as specialized as it can get, but against the right enemy, there will be pink damage everywhere. Everywhere!

It was possible to get double Chaos effects previously, but only on two named weapons: the Chaosblade which is Demon Queen raid loot, and the Brigand’s Cutlass from the Crystal Cove event.

I am not trying to say that this staff is the greatest weapon ever. It is still a quarterstaff, and quarterstaves are by nature very, very lame. 1D6 base damage, a 5% crit range, and even then, only a X2 critical modifier. Yawn.

But if you have to use a staff, or want to like my new stick-fighting acrobat, then this is a pretty good one to have.

And besides, think how popular you will be at raves.

look at the colors, man

Click Here to see the full-sized animation
Click Here to see it in slow motion.

A quarterstaff may be a lame melee weapon, but it does a lot more damage than a glow-stick.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Some quarterstaves aren’t very good, particularly the lootgen ones, but there are a number of very nice named ones in-game & in the hands of a monk or rogue (or multiclass of both) with the right feat choices & destiny setup they’re scarily effective, hitting very hard & very, very fast.

  2. In the hands of a Henshin Mystic, a quarterstaff is a VERY powerful weapon. While that staff would give any Monk a negative level (we’lre always Lawful), I see that stick of yours and think one thought:

    Marut Hater.

  3. That combo has sprung up a few times over the last few weeks. It has been in my Er list twice as an epic item in a heroic level quest. Giant Hold heroic elite Orc Lair gave me long bow I think lvl 21/23?

  4. Dissy wants one because her favorite color is pink… and being a chaotic bard, she might actually be able to hit something with it. Y’know, before she remembered she was a gimpy bard, squealed, and ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction, screaming at the top of her lungs. *g*

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