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The Mizza Zone

I’ve always found it to be somewhat funny how it can sometimes take seeing someone say something to make you realize how you feel about certain things. More specifically, in this case, I’m talking about a small thing the loverly Grimorde said in her recent blog(recent being this morning that is). Essentially she mentioned how surprised she was that she didn’t really miss playing DDO. It was short, quick and brief but it stuck out to me all the same.

Over the last few months, as any one of you who read my blog know, I’ve been mostly away from playing MMOs due to me working my adorable little booty off. During this period of time, I’ve hopped online every now and again but never for too much time. There were a few times where I could have spent all day playing DDO, LotRO or SWTOR all day if I would have wanted. But I didn’t. Instead, what generally happened is, I logged into these games, spent maybe 5 min running around doing nothing in particular or just sat there knowing what I had to do but just lacking the will to actually do it.

Now, few months of work over. Time on the road heading home done. I’m home. I can play DDO, but I don’t really want to. I can play LotRO(there’s some things I gotta do over there) but I don’t want to. I can play SWTOR, but again, I don’t want to. A summer away from three of my favorite games and the first thing I realize when I get home is how much I don’t miss playing them. I like all three of them, I do, but I just don’t feel as connected as Id like to be to them.

On DDO, I’ve never been a fan of the mechanics of the game. I’ve never liked having to lug around several types of armor or weapons to fit situations. Id prefer just having one piece of armor and one weapon that can dominate all comers until I reach the next level. But, the game doesn’t work like that and never will, which is fine. Id like to say I continue to play DDO for my people, but really I just have a person(and one person is certainly better than none). As fun as it is playing with Commie, playing DDO looks a little something like this to me: Login, re login(stupid game always crashes on first login), do daily dice, check quest list for whats up next, wait for Comic, Head to quest when Comics all on and ready, enter quest, trigger finger down for the next 60+ minutes(literally, as I play with a controller), half-pay attention to Comics pointers on how to do the quest in certain areas(in case I ever solo it), zombie my way through quest, kill boss, loot chests, finish. DDO has become a bore and I find that frustrating. Outside of Comic(and occasionally Bob), I don’t really play with anyone else. Everyone else who I know plays DDO either plays on a different server or at times which I don’t play, which is also frustrating for me because I don’t like playing DDO alone.

On STO and NWO, they’re interesting games. But interesting doesn’t make up for the crappy music(NWO) or overly simplistic gameplay. Though, to be honest, STO is signifigantly better than NWO, theyre still pretty dull to me. The only reason I play STO anymore is because I like the Star Trek universe and flying around in a spaceship firing lazers.

On LotRO, I don’t know what the problem is. Ive been on a couple of times on my jeweler to get her level up, run quests and collect resources so I can make jewelery for my Warden but every time I start, I get off after a few minutes. It’s not the game, I love LotRO. It’s a beautifully crafted game world but it keeps coming down to me not liking how Turbine oversimplified the game or how easy it is to level up in it now. I do intend  to get around to doing what I gotta, I just don’t know when.

SWTOR is a mixture of the biggest mystery and at the same time the most obvious problem for me. On the one hand, I obviously love the game to death, I mean, Its Star Wars. But on the other hand, even that hasn’t stopped me from not wanting to really play the game anymore. It kinda goes back to what I mentioned about not really having anyone to play with on DDO. It’s the same problem on SWTOR but to a slightly lesser degree. On SWTOR I’m in a larger guild with a more active number of players, some of whom are officers, that play during most times of the day. So, it’s not like I’m completely alone. The problem is that when they play, theyre wanting to do high level Warzones, or Galactic Starfighter, Ops or Hard Mode Flashpoints. All the stuff they run is level 55 content which is content I can’t play due to my not having the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion. Not to mention I suck at GSF & Warzones. So, while I generally have people to talk to, I don’t actually have anyone to play with and like with DDO, this has made the game into a bit of a bore for me.

All this is both frustrating and not frustrating to me. Frustrating because I love DDO, LotRO and SWTOR. But not so much because there are more important things I feel I can do than play by myself on an MMO. I have books that need reading, things that need typing up, single player console games that require my playing, movies & TV shows that need my Netflixing. Stuff that’s generally funner to do by myself. I mean, playing MMOs by oneself isn’t very fun, you know?

Mind you, I’m not quitting these games, but I cant help but feel like, every time I login to one of them, there’s a big ‘YET’ to be added to my not wanting to quit them. This all has had some side effects too as I haven’t really been feeling the undying urge to continue writing my Elven Barbarian story. Theres a part of me that wants to because I can see this interesting story play out in my head, but then there’s this other part that realizes that in order to really write it, I need to play the game and in order to do that, I need to really be into the game which is something I simply do not feel at this time, if at all in the foreseeable future. I might continue writing, but if I do the chances of it being about a different character in a different game are pretty high at this point.

It’s interesting how the most simple statement said by someone can make you realize things, don’t you think?

Anyways, that’s it for this edition of the Ramblin’ Mizz. Hope you all have great days!


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  1. Also – excellent song of the day

  2. That is an awesome song of the day. As for the rest … cycles. We all go through cycles. Hope someday you’re back, but even more, I hope you find happiness in whatever you do.

    And again, awesome song 🙂

    Don’t you feel kind of weird having similar musical taste as one you call “grampy”? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Cycles; we all go through…

      Bah! Beat again. If only I had a wheelbarrow…

    • It could be cycles, or it could be that I’m finding my joy in something else now.

      Like I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I’ve always been more of a console gamer. What I never really got into was what exactly I generally play on consoles or why it is I prefer them to playing an MMO.

      To put it simply, for me, console gaming is to me what board games are to you. You gather some friends/family and you sit around together in the same room and play the same game together. It’s like that with me and my consoles. Get some friends/family together, plug in additional controllers and we’re playing the same game on the same tv in the same room. It’s an experience that isn’t easily replicated by MMOs unless you have someone who lives with you who plays the same MMO.

      Going forward, I intend to buy a good many games for my 360. The majority of them offer offline split screen co-op modes, so chances are I’ll be spending less time online than I generally do. It’s kinda like if you had 365 board games and were guarenteed to have people to play one with each night, for that one year, would your time on DDO not take a hit?
      (Sorry for the long reply, it was the best shortest one I could think of.)

    • Also, in regards to your question about music, no I don’t find that weird. Not weird at all.

  3. I can empathise, I’ll call it that. I also don’t play a lot of DDO these days, or any other game, I don’t have anyone to play with, or they’re doing level 28 Uber-Epic-Elite content [insert any max level boring grindy stuff here], that I don’t even care to own (I’d rather have a chance to level my heroic characters).

    So most days I just log on, do my Daily Dice, attempt to say hello to guildmates, log off. I’d play almost any game, if I had people to play with. Oh, yeah, I’m just an a$$hole. That’s the real reason, right? Right!

  4. I can definitely sympathize with your feelings. My DDO gaming experiences have definitely changed over the years, primarily because a large number of players I used to game with no longer play the game..mostly because of family reasons (they got married, had children, etc..). I do still have a few friends I group with in DDO, and it keeps the game going for sure, and I do play one other game (just for a different perspective) so these do tend to help maintain my focus and drive for DDO :). I hoping the “fun” and “drive” will come back for you soon!! 🙂

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