Jun 182012
Life is good
Life is good. Try it.

I was pretty excited about 30% XP weekend. I have this goal about running my level 15 TR to cap and back to level 8 so I can use a Stone of Experience on her, and a day of slamming quests @ +30 XP would help a lot!

But no, the gods of DNS and domain registration decided that I had better things to do with my weekend and I was denied. But here’s the thing: the gods of DNS were right. I did.

My daughter drove down from Virginia to spend the weekend with me and my Gamer Girl. Instead of DDO, I got to play the Struggle for Catan, Last Night on Earth, and a devastating-to-the-point-of-embarassment game of Hearts.*

* At which I struggle to achieve competence, and fail. Final score: Gamer Girl 8. Daughter 47. Geoff 117. Note the Gamer Girl at 8 after ten hands. Averaging less than a point per hand. Wow.

Fathers Day dawned bright and DDO-less as well. I could have modified my hosts file and played DDO anyway but I was leery about applying a temporary hack while instead Turbine owed me a permanent solution. Or I could have modified my DNS settings to use Google’s openDNS, but I have too much Google in my life already. No.

So instead, the obligatory round of Father’s Day phone calls, and then off to the city for a traditional Father’s Day round of minigolf.*

* When the kids were very little, my late wife decided that Fathers Day meant that I took them somewhere out of the house, just the four of us, and stayed out all day. I pointed out that I thought it meant I get to sleep in and stuff like that.

“No”, said she who stayed home with three small children all day every day, “it means take them somewhere and stay there. All day”. So motivated, I chose mini-golf, and thus was born an annual tradition.

And hilarity ensued. Seriously, it really did. Fun and laughter with the daughter and my Gamer Girl. Followed by a particularly delicious Mongolian barbecue. A much better day than I could have possibly had in DDO. Better than my first greensteel. Better than Acquisition Day. Better.

When one is forced to
pass time without DDO
Make it Fathers Day

Sometimes I need a helpful hint from life. This was one of those times. Thank you DNS snafu!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Maybe it was planed so people that cared enough could still get in and the rest could do the family thing and have an excuse to tell ourselves?

    Me i played DDO, Grilled and played MtG with the boy for a few hours. It wasn’t a horrible way to spend the day.

  2. Three-handed hearts is a bit tough. One bit of advice – never* pass spades.

    *Of course, as with everything else, know when to break certain “rules”.

  3. I cant play Hearts either. I always quit after one hand cause I swear Im the only one on the board with points. *sigh* I suck at card games in general. Haha. Solitare kicks my butt! XD

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