Jul 252013

Dusk Over Menechtarun
Dusk over Menechtarun
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Yesterday, Cordovan launched a new “Official” wallpaper thread. What makes it official? I have no idea. Maybe the use of quotation marks? Nonetheless, it exists, including rules that must be followed to create an acceptable wallpaper and several size formats that are acceptable.

Frankly, I don’t understand the various sizes*. Every device I own will let me use any size image as wallpaper. Every device I own has an easy way to stretch or crop images to the correct size; in fact they all do it automatically.

* [Edit] As emphasized by Cordovan himself in the comments section, the sizes listed are not requirements, but merely a list if common wallpaper formats. Forum users are welcome to submit images in any size desired.

Is it possible that all of my devices are graphically advanced devices from the future? I suspect not, it seems simpler to assume that the whole sizing thing is way overemphasized.

But I digress.

Dusk Over Menechtarun
Double Moon
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I’ve created and posted over 40 wallpapers over the years. Time to pick one or two, dress them up with the “official” bits from Turbine, and post them to the “official” thread. Maybe I’ll add more later, maybe not, let’s see how these do.

Link to the forum thread here.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I think you are a bit confused as to the “rules”. The only rules are that it obey the Community Guidelines and not be an attempt to soap box a bug – other than that, the resolutions are simply guidelines to help people know what typical resolutions are used for various formats. You can post up whatever size you want!

  2. May I soapbox the lack of real Mohawks for female characters? 😉

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