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My fellow guildies put up with a lot of nonsense when I am in group. I have a habit of wandering. Sometimes I wander off. Sometimes I wander in place. In the case of this Razorcat, please don’t call him a bug, I managed to do both. First I wandered off and spawned the ambush. Then I wandered in place trying to get the screenshot without the highlight. Obviously I failed but you might be pleased to note that not only did the Artificer get the traps but he took the time to swing back and deal with the ambush while I was off-screen. Some people can’t seem to see the value in guilds….. 😉

If you haven’t guessed the quest then let me let the cat out of the bag… ‘err stone. 😉 The quest, is of course; The Maze of Madness. I was with my character Truanquillo, currently leveling his third and final FvS life. His previous incarnations have included; Barbarian x1, Cleric x2, Wizard x2. Let’s talk about how we got to the cat, shall we?

The session had been a long, steady, leisurely stroll into and through level-14. Our Sunday began in the Menechtarun where we ran the flagging quests for DQ. We finished our visit to the area with a ride on the Desert Caravan. With that it was off to House Kundarak and the Black Anvil Forest via House Deneith where we jumped into A Relic of a Sovereign Past. Three eggs and a glass of water later, it was time for the level-12s of Lordsmarch Plaza: Diplomatic Impunity, Frame Work and Eyes of Stone. Here I find it necessary to point out that last August I ran the quest Eyes of Stone for over 30 pulls on the end chest looking for Maenya’s Fists. No luck. Today on our one run we pulled two. Time for Giant Hold.

The night was coming to a close so we narrowed our focus and went with the tried and true. We entered the explorer-zone and jumped left for a visit with the Orcs. Hunting party, Punting party! It’s late and we don’t have time for this crap. We looted and double-recalled. All buffed up we returned to Gianthold and hit the Trolls before dropping down and around to The Maze of Madness and the topic of tonight’s post; A very hungry Razor-kitty. Yes, indeed! If you have time, please visit kitty and say hi. I don’t know what he has hidden in that stone but if you are careful and don’t approach him while in auto-attack he might turn on you but it’s only a bluff. Please don’t approach too close, don’t attack or allow him to be hit with a careless guard. With caution and a bit of luck he’ll jump right back to his meal. He’s a very hungry kitty after-all. Unfortunately Truanquillo is an @ssh@le and took a moment to paint a fine how-de-do on kitty’s rump.

What do you think that Razorcat is up to in there? Maybe ham or broccoli or……..? What if it’s not food at all…….?

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  1. 🙂 I’ve seen him like that more than once before. it’s funny.

  2. Stonefaced. What a poker player that one could be.

  3. Catnip

    • Oh no, and he won’t share? Maybe this explains why the other cats are so upset and ready to maul. The real force behind the madness out here; a hidden stash of Catnip.

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