A Two-Cake Day

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May 282013

Cake Roll
Will I get (yet another) Microscopic Elixer of Wasting-Room-In-Your-Backpack? Not today

One of my favorite things about TRing is that you get a free raise cake. Every brand new character does, it happens in Korthos when you talk to Merla Bauerdatter. She sends you on a “quest” (as if anything involving the DDO Store can be called a quest) to buy a bottle of Vintage Old Sully’s Grog from the DDO Store and deliver it to Bertram Sharpwood, on the docks by the boat. On completion, Bertram hands you a spanking new Starter Siberys Spirit Cake.

Just like a drug dealer on a TV miniseries, the first one is always free.

And I must admit, raise cake is pretty damn magnificent.

Don’t get me wrong, one raise cake is not worth TRing on its own. One raise cake will not last me very long. Sometimes seven raise cakes do not last me very long.

But still. Free raise cake.

Now imagine that you are already aglow with the thrill of acquiring a free raise cake when you notice that your Daily Dice roll has come due again. Automatically, you click the tiny die. You’ve learned to be careful when clicking the Silver chest and the Roll button, an error here will cost you Astral Shards. But even with appropriate caution, the clicks come quickly and reflexively.

And you win … A free raise cake!

Woo hoo! I didn’t even know that was on the list of possibilities! All I usually get is Blades of the Dark Six and Miniscule Potions of Crafting Something-Or-Other.

A free raise cake! Or technically, another free raise cake! Two in a row!

No matter what else may happen, any day that starts out with two free raise cakes is gonna be a good day.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Very cool. I wonder if the +2 loot weekend influences the Daily Dice? I ask because this weekend I got a Raise Cake on my roll on Friday AND Saturday.

  2. On the downside, the cake you won is different from the one you bought…2 backpack spaces for your cakes. –call me Puddleglum

  3. Yep – on one roll, I actually received (3) raise cakes (I think it was a “jackpot” roll).

  4. Well, congratulations!

    As for that chicks quest, I did it once but never again.

  5. I make a point of running the starting korthos quests on every new/TRed character just for that cake.. sure, you have to pay *gasp* 5 TPs for the grog but hey, those quests on elite will net you enough favour for your 1st 25 TP anyway so you’re 20 points in hand afterwards – almost like the whole purpose is to showcase “hey, you can get convenient things from the store!” to newbies 🙂

    The daily dice can give some rather nice stuff, the best I’ve gotten so far on the freebie silver rolls was a rest of the eladrin statuette, which is naturally sitting in my shared bank because its too awesome to actually use, but generally it’ll be plat or a single rubbish collectable, though i’ve pulled guild reknown, xp & slayer boost pots from there fairly often, as well as the useless 5% crafting xp elixrs & the other day 5 of the new superior gold seal healing potions which are rather nice – incidentally, even the top tier ones are ML1 so for a newly TRed character the high heal over time effect essentially means you get 10secs of being virtually unkillable unless you do something really stupid*

    *note, i am distressingly capable on occasion of doing something really stupid.

  6. I don’t know exactly why, but I don’t like to use or buy cakes. When I get them for free, cakes almost always stay in the bank where they do me no good when I need them. There have been a few quests and times that take a long time where I’d rather use a cake then start over or reenter, but not many.

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