A techno mystery

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Aug 162011

For the last year or so I have been getting a weird connection hiccup that throws me offline for a minute or two.

WTF?I’ve tried and discarded many, many different troubleshooting ideas. None work. It is driving me crazy. Partly because it is a frustrating and always-ill-timed issue, but mainly because I am a computer professional* and can’t seem to get a clue about what to do.

* well okay, I am a software professional, yet still. Problem solving is the thing I do best. Usually.

Here are all the things I know about the issue:

  • It occurs once or twice a day, most days, at varying times
  • It lasts about two minutes
  • During the hiccup, I am still on my wireless network but am unable to get out past the router (as if I need a fresh IP address?
  • Other computers on the wireless home network are also effected and lose connectivity
  • It only happens when I am at my work-week apartment which has Cox cable. It never happens at my home which has TWC/RoadRunner cable
  • It only happens while playing DDO. It never happens to my daughter (who shares the network) at all unless I am playing DDO

Here are some anecdotal comments that may or may not be useful clues

  • Rebooting the router solves the problem, but I think that turned out to be coincidence, waiting a couple of minutes solves the problem too
  • It happened to me this morning while fighting Epic Velah. When I returned, I learned that most of the Chinese players in my group D/C’d at the same time (and yes, most of the team was Chinese, and we wiped)
  • I bought a new router but it made no difference
  • I’ve involved Cox tech support, but their logs show no connectivity interruptions

The only conclusion I can reach is that whatever it is, it is something coming from the DDO servers, not from general internet access, and it only affects certain types or classes of routings or NAT schemes. A type that Cox has but Time Warner does not, and is apparently shared by many Chinese players.

Any ideas? I am clueless, and more than a little frustrated. It doesn’t keep me from playing but it does add a little extra dimension to the difficulty level of certain quests 🙂

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  1. I have the exact same problem, Net Link has no clue and it only happens when I’m on DDO. I reset my router but it’ll fix it’s self after a few minutes anyway.

  2. When you say you bought a new router, did you buy the exact same router? I presume you tried a firmware update in the router. I am also presuming that TWC and Cox are two different modems, have you considered the possibility of a bad modem? I wasnt clear, during the ‘hiccup’ is all internet access suspended on all PC’s or just DDO? (I work for Cox in AZ, but I am not doing this in an official capacity.)

  3. I have the same basic issue. But i have a At&t dsl with their modem/router combo.

    I am not sure if it is a ddo thing or my router thing but i only notice it when playing ddo.

    Idk, good luck to you.

  4. I get that with Comcast, usually for just a few seconds (so I don’t notice if it happens while I’m *not* using DDO) which is long enough to require me to close and restart DDO. Not bad on my new laptop, but MURDER on my old PC, ’cause quitting DDO ties up resources and locks it up for several minutes.

  5. @az: the new router is one purchased from Cox directly so they would stop telling me that it must be a problem with the third-party router I had previously. And yes, I have an entirely different router (purchased from TWC) at my home in Carolina. And by “no web access” I mean none, not even Google.

    I suppose it could be a bad modem. Any suggestions on how I could isolate the problem to the modem or not?

    @ everyone else: thanks for the comments, maybe we’ll all learn something out of this?

  6. A few months ago austrailian players with a specific ISP were having issues; I think there might have been some router or trans-pacific cable that was to blame. It wasn’t my problem I just saw the thread but not the fix.

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