Mar 232016

A Strangely Satisfying Exercise In Futility
We’ve been running Fire on Thunder Peak every Friday now for about a year. I think? It certainly seems like at least a year. Hard to say for certain. We run it on Normal or Hard, depending on the whims of who shows up that week, filling the last two-six slots with random pickups from the LFM panel.

We are not particularly good at it, but we are certainly better than when we started. Practice does not make perfect in this case but it helps. We use a method that we call “kill the trash”, where two tanking characters each single up on one of the dragons with a dedicated healer. Everyone else does not hit the dragons, but instead kills the random “trash” monsters and heals themselves. It can be a little boring if you are on trash duty, especially at first where there are only the two dragons; no random monsters to kill.

Boring or not, it is a very successful method, even when I have to tank one of the dragons myself on my two-handed mauler Chelena Armstrong (the World’s Strongest Halfling) who is not really a tank at all.

And that is how our Fridays go. A few months ago we started running Temple of the Deathwyrm too, it took us longer to figure that one out, but we have it down now. Although we failed or just skipped Deathwyrm three out of the last four weeks due to the unrelenting lag. Quite frustrating to spend the better part of an hour getting through puzzle after puzzle only to die in the end fight for reasons beyond your control.

But regardless. Friday is Dragon night, and that means phlogistons, and phlogistons mean Thunder-Forged weapons.

And that is the “exercise in futility” part of this post, because Thunder-Forged weapons are no longer Da Bomb, and haven’t been since Update 29. Legendary Green Steel is now Da Bomb, and yet, here we are, week after week, working towards achieving something that is no longer all that great of an achievement.

And we are not even doing so effectively; on Normal and Hard the phlogistons fail to appear in the end chest about as often as not. Out of all of us, no one has yet accumulated the 30 phlogistons needed to fully upgrade Thunder-Forged items.

No one. Even though you can select 10 phlogistons as a 20th-completion reward and we all have more than 20 completions. Even so. No one.

Until last Friday.

My Gamer Girl has decided that she wants her Thunder-Forged item to be mainly a shadow weapon. She will need Shadow Dragon pholigiston. Me, I was happy to take whatever I could get and would make whatever I could afford. And so my Gamer Girl started swapping any Fire Dragon phlogistons that she received over to me in the end chest while I would swap any Shadow Dragon phlogiston to her.

Which meant I got at least one phlogiston pretty much every week. Pretty much, not always, but usually, and occasionally I would get two.

Phlogiston numbers 29 and 30Like last week. Phlogistons number 29 and 30. At last, 30!

Dashing off to the Thunder Forge, I scan my choices: most of the things I can make with 30 phlogistons are caster items, and Chelena is no caster. But there is one interesting choice: Draconic Reinvigoration:

Passive: +1 use/rest to Action Boost, Rallying Cry, Smite Evil, Turn Undead and Bard Songs. On Damage or Spell Damage: 2% chance to generate 1 Action Boost, Rallying Cry, Smite Evil, Turn Undead, and Bard Songs (triggers once per 100 seconds).

Interesting! I think this means I can have essentially infinite Haste Boosts. Which is the single biggest DPS boost I can imagine, Chelena is always fierce but when her Haste Boost is on she is fierce and fast; a constant rain of blows falling from her maul like bullets from a machine gun; bang bang bang bang BANG! Much improved DPS. Normally I am stingy with the Haste Boosts, saving them for the most important fights because I don’t want to run out.

But now I cannot run out! Haste Boost always! Really, this is quite a significant improvement. Even if it is no longer Da Bomb, I at last have a Tier 3 Thunder-Forged maul, and it is glorious.

All of that work, all of those dragons tanked, totally worth it. Endless Haste Boost!

Totally satisfying. Even if it is an exercise in futility.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Cool, infinite haste boosts!

    I know back in the “day”, it took so long activating/animating/interupting attack chain/etc a boost, you kind of didn’t get much extra DPS over the DPS you “lost” waiting for your character to finish activating said boost… I’m sure that’s all changed now, I’m sure pretty sure I just don’t know how to use boosts πŸ˜›

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