Apr 022013

myDDO Detour
myDDO is going nowhere

I will be periodically posting this, or something like it, over the next few weeks. My apologies if you’ve already read this, but so it goes with repetitive PSAs; they are by definition repetitive.

Here is one more iteration:

Turbine recently announced that they would be closing down myDDO and all of it’s features including the myDDO blogging area. They have not yet announced a replacement, nor indicated that there will be a replacement. On the contrary, they are urging myDDO bloggers to create their own personal blog sites, and have written step-by-step for exporting your myDDO blog. These instructions can be found here.

The export process captures all of your posts and everyone’s comments. It does not capture ratings, or any customizations you may have made to your myDDO home page.

But you are not without resources, my DDO-writing friend, not at all.

Evennote is working on a common RSS feed that will stitch together everyone’s individual blog entries from their individual and newly disparate sites. It will still be possible to go to one place and read most of the articles that people have written. If you are going to start your own blog site you should be sure to check in with Evennote on her site Even Now and get your site included in the new combined OurDDO feed.

If you do not want to start your own site, or cannot, or whatever, you are welcome to continue your DDO writing here. On DDOGamer. Just let me know that you want to become a DDOGamer writer (via forums IM to geoffhanna, direct message tweet to @geoffhanna, or by filling out the feedback form here) and I will set you up.

Even if you are setting up your own site, you are still welcome to post announcement blogs here about your posts; it may help attract readers, and it may help to keep the DDO blogging community together as a cohesive entity.

So rest assured, no one is being abandoned. You can be writing about DDO today and do so with assurance that the other DDO writers and readers will be able to participate in your work much as they always have.

What do you think?

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