Sep 162009

One down, one to go

The kensai tank turned out pretty well! Check it out here. I think this is about as good a khopesh TWF as you can get on a halfling.

That is a strong statement, maybe I should hedge and say this is as good as it gets on a pure fighter that also can intimitank.

But what for me?

This leaves me with one build – something for myself – to take to halfling commando newbie night tonight. Sadly, I remain uninspired.

What if I randomly picked any two stats,  maxed them both, and then tried to make a viable build out of the result?

(General): You roll 4 (1d6).
(General): You roll 4 (1d6).

LOL can’t use that

(General): You roll 6 (1d6).

That is INT and CHA. Lack of physical attributes eliminates warriors.  INT indicates wizard or rogue or something with a lot of skills. CHA indicates Bard or Sorc or FvS or Pal. Bard and Pal need multiple other attributes so are out. Rogue needs DEX while FvS needs WIS, so both are less likely if not out altogether.

I am left with Wiz and Sorc. I could make a really smart Sorc (hagglebot/UMD expert? Or maybe a trapsmith Sorc/Rog? Lots of skilllpoints available) or a really good-looking Wizard (top-shelf diplomacy ?), or some kind of wiz/sorc multiclass.

Of those, the really smart sorceror would actually work and seems the most viable. But I already have a hagglebot sorceror/rogue. Reroll:

(General): You roll 4 (1d6).
(General): You roll 5 (1d6).

INT and WIS. All the physical classes are excluded again, as are the good-looking ones. What’s left? A smart healbot? A wizard with a great will save? A Wiz/Cleric multiclass? Now that would be unusual. It could focus on negative or positive energy spells  whether arcane or divine. Sort of a roll-your-own Mystic Theurge.

Could this work?

What do you think?

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